Rock the Drop


Did you know that today is Celebrate Teen Literature Day? Well, it is. Wikipedia says so.

To celebrate, readergirlz is organizing an event called Rock the Drop, which encourages people — authors, publishers, readers, anyone who loves books — to drop off a YA book in a public place for someone to find and hopefully devour. For more info, including a bookplate for you to insert into any books you may like to drop, and a list of seven organizations you can donate to to promote literacy, check out the website.

I will be dropping a signed copy of ROGUE somewhere in the city of Boston later on today, and I’ll tweet a photo of it with just enough visual cues that you may be able to find it. Stay tuned!

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Merry Christmas from Poland

To celebrate the fact that rights to SCORCH have just been sold to Poland, I’d like to share with you something I’ve been meaning to for a while. Around the holidays, my Polish publisher, Fabryka Słów, sent me a Christmas card. I assume it’s based off of one of the books in their catalog, but it’s just so…special.




Because nothing says Christmas like bloodthirsty wolves, a sickle-wielding Santa, a terrified reindeer, an offscreen devouring of said reindeer (I assume), and a celebratory kidnapping. Best card ever.

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Giveaway: Doodley edition of ROGUE

First off, congratulations to the winners of last month’s giveaways: Larissa H. for the Pi Day edition of ROGUE, and Ella Z. for the copy of HOW TO CHEER UP DAD!

This month, I’m feeling a little doodley. For the next giveaway of ROGUE I will draw little pictures in the scene breaks, depending on what’s happening in the story. Like so:

IMG_1917The connection is subtle.

It’ll also be signed and personalized, of course. To enter, fill out the form below. Good luck!

Contest closes at noon EST on May 2, 2014. Winner will be chosen at random. Open to US addresses only (here’s why). One entry per person, please. Your email address will be used solely for purposes of this giveaway; you will not be added to any mailing lists. Thanks for entering!
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NYC Teen Author Festival recap

This weekend I hopped on a bus and made the trek down to New York City for my third annual appearance at the NYC Teen Author Festival. It’s a week-long schedule of events organized by David Levithan, who invites, like, a hundred YA authors to participate in panels, readings, signings–and the option I chose, doing a crazy voice in front of a lot of confused people.

IMG95201403239511544595776Clearly, donning a bird shirt was the only way to prepare.

A lot of the events for the NYCTAF took place at the New York Public Library on 42nd Street, which had an awesome exhibit going on called “The ABC of It: Why Children’s Books Matter”. I ducked in to check it out, and oh my heavens look how adorable all this is:

2014-03-21 16.28.28

2014-03-21 16.29.29The original stuffed animals from Winnie the Pooh! Eeyore looks depressed, for once.

The panel that I got assigned to was called Literary Matchmaking, and here’s how it worked: each author participating had to choose a character from their books and fill out an OKCupid profile for that character. We were then matched up in pairs and had to collaborate on writing a blind date, which we then recapped for our captive, horrified audience.

photoNo one’s throwing up yet. That’s a good sign.

I chose Pandora as my character, so for those of you who are familiar with the Croak books, I’m sure you can imagine what a circus that was. I did a crazy old lady voice. I used the term “shag shack”. It was magical.

On Sunday there was a massive signing at the always-delightful Books of Wonder, where I got to meet a bunch of fans–including Lili from Lili’s Reflections, who has always been a big supporter of the Croak trilogy.


Then I took a photo of a sunset to symbolize the end of the weekend. And when I got home, I woke up the next morning with pink eye. Thanks NYCTAF!

2014-03-22 19.03.39

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Interview with Fred Koehler, author/illustrator of How To Cheer Up Dad – plus giveaway!


Sit down, kids. Let mama tell you a little story.

Way back in the day–the day, for purposes of this story, being December 2008–I decided to gather together all the money I had left after making the disastrous financial decision to move to New York City and use it to pay for a workshop. I’d written a little book called Croak, and this workshop would give me the opportunity to pitch it to a handful of editors. This was a Big Deal.

I was very excited, but also extremely nervous. I remember sitting on the train on my way into the city and just shaking all over, my stomach in knots, not knowing what to expect. At this point, I had not shown my work to anyone. Not my husband, not my parents, not my cats. I had no idea if my ideas were any good, and the nerves were dismantling me one brain cell at a time.

So I got to the workshop and we jumped right in, each of us having to get up in front of everyone else and deliver our book’s pitch like some sick permutation of American Book Idol. I was one of the first to give mine (curse you, alphabetical order), and to my relief and delight, it was well-received. Even more to my delight was the fact that when we broke for lunch, one of the other workshop participants told me he was hoping he could join me.

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And now you can preorder HELLHOLE.

Hey there sports hell fans, I’ve got good news: HELLHOLE is now available for preorder on Amazon.


I’d like to say something neat like “If you preorder now, I’ll give you a big cookie,” but the cookies I make are never chewy enough to survive a trip through the mail. And I can’t in good conscience doom a bunch of delicious treats to such  a crumbly fate.

So I guess you’ll have to preorder without an incentive. Or rather, with the only incentive being: it’s a fun book and I think you’ll like it. It has devils and Doritos. Thank you.

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