First Pass Pages

As I sit here amongst a pile of boxes and packing tape and yarn,

Oh God, so much yarn.

I also have another little parcel staring at me. It’s the first pass pages of Croak, and they need to be done by the end of the week, which also just so happens to be when I’m MOVING TO ANOTHER STATE.

A lesser writer might crack under the stress, but not me – unless you count cracking as downing an entire Italian sub and proceeding to watch two hours of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia instead of packing or working on the book or doing anything other than drooling and staring at the television. But I don’t count that, because it’s all part of the creative process, or something.

Have I mentioned how exciting the first pass pages are, though? They’re basically what the book is going to look like, all typeset and everything, but on regular printer paper:

“Well hello there, you sexy book. Nice indents.”

So I get to go through and find any typos or words that are out of place or basically anything that’s gone terribly pear-shaped. And as nit-picky as that is (and as much as it further indulges my maniacal perfectionism), I have to say that I’m pretty damn excited to see it all laid out like that, with my name on top and everything. Up until now, I’ve only seen the manuscript in regular Word documents with a font of my own choosing or Times New Roman (or rather, Times New Snorin’, am I right people?), so this the first time it’s felt really real, like a real book. Real.

So now that I’ve procrastinated long enough to write this blog post, I better get back to it. OH, but not before sharing what I picked up at an antique fair a couple weeks ago: a totally bitchin scythe – which, in case you weren’t aware, is an item near and dear to the book. Lenny is not so sure about it.

“It was just a hairball. I…think you’re overreacting.”



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