Blurb Your Enthusiasm

I got my first blurb! And from a real, live, breathing author! And he just so happens to be one of my favorites! And I also got a great deal at the Exclamation Point Store today!

“Go ahead and die laughing, knowing that the safe transport of your mortal soul will be the summer job of a sweetheart teen with godlike power and discipline problems.  A lot of books make me wish I could live within their pages, but I wouldn’t mind dying in this one.”—Adam Rex, author of Fat Vampire

If you’ve never read anything by Adam Rex before, run to your nearest bookstore or library – trample small children if you must – and go grab up some of his books. My personal favorite is The True Meaning of Smekday, the story of a girl named Gratuity who develops a friendship with an alien named J.Lo. after his race, the Boov, invades earth. There are drawings, comics, and groin-grabbingly hilarious dialogue. READ IT NOW.

Anyway, this little gem of a blurb is going to be on the advanced reader copies of Croak, which are coming alarmingly soon, along with a cover reveal and my official website. Prepare the celebratory spiral-cut ham!



  1. That’s so awesome! Adam Rex is hilarious. I can’t wait to read it! :)

    P.S. Last night I told the kids in my YA writing group about CROAK and they want to read it too. Let me know when you find out the pub date–they’re going to mark their calendars.

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