The Internet Is For Reading

Today I’m headed off to the woods to commune with nature for a few days. And by commune with nature, I of course mean that I will be eating my weight in hot dogs, attempting to put a tent together without tearing it into shreds, fending off bears with a wiffle bat, and getting into all manner of shenanigans with my equally skilled bear-grappling friends. BUT before I head off, I have some fairly awesome news: Croak is now available for preorder on Amazon!

Artist’s Rendering

That’s right, you too can own a piece of the action…in only six short months! Until then, I recommend you fashion some sort of Advent-type calendar that counts down the days to the release, with little flaps of cardboard that open to reveal each drop of the blood, sweat, and/or tears that I put into writing this book.

What else have I been up to? Well, when a book gets typeset, there are these little things in justified text called tight lines and loose lines, which is what happens when there are either:

So my fun task of the week was to go through the manuscript and add/delete/reword/finagle until everything no longer looked hideous. So there’s another one for the ole “Things you’d never expect to have to do when writing a book” pile. Or rather, MOUNTAIN.



  1. Yay for pre-orders! :D Congrats!

    Ugh, I hate that about the justified alignment option. It irritates me to all ends.

    Also, I’ll see you soon in the woods. Look out for actual bears!

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