What’s in the booooox?

A human head.

I went camping this weekend with a bunch of friends, and although our time was cut short by The Hurricane Who Must Not Be Named, we had a blast and didn’t have to chase away any bears this time. (Though we did have to bitch out a particularly unpleasant woman named Sandy, who may as well have been a bear.)

The upside of returning home early, however, was the fact that a very important package was waiting for me. So I tore into it with my grubby camp hands, leaving Will to unpack the car by himself in the increasingly monsoonish rain, and what did I find? Advanced reader copies of Croak! Huzzah!

Soon my face will get stuck like this, and then we’ll all be in trouble.

I can’t show the whole thing yet because the cover isn’t final, but trust me, it’s a real, actual book.

With pages and everything!

Suffice it to say, I’m stoked. To celebrate, I chased the cats around the house. They were stoked too. I know because they vomited in joy.


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