Website launch and contest: What’s on your tombstone?

I now have a website! It’s, and you should go there right now. Make yourself at home. Snacks are on the table, drinks are in the fridge. Put a lampshade on your head and dance around. Or, if you really want to blow the roof off this thing, take a stab at my fun little celebratory contest. Because nothing says fun like death!

To enter, simply write your own epitaph. That’s what would go on your gravestone. For example, mine would be, “Here Lies Gina Damico: Friend, Wife, Secret Government Assassin”, or  “Shouldn’t Have Eaten That Last Cheeseball – Oh, Who Am I Kidding, I Regret Nothing.”

I’m giving away a whole mess of things, including:
1.) Five, count em’, five scythe pendants! (Scythes, as you may or may not know, are integral to the plot of Croak. They’re those weird-looking weapons favored by farmers and grim reapers. Here, enjoy some knowledge.) Put them on a necklace, bookmark, keychain, yowling pet, easily amused child – whatever strikes your fancy. One scythe will be awarded at random every day of the week (Mon-Fri), so feel free to submit new entries each day (up until 11:59pm EST)!

2.) Two $10 gift certificates to Amazon! These will be awarded to the two entries that I judge to be A) the funniest, and B) the most likely to make me sob like I do at the end of any given Pixar movie.

3.) Your very own signed ARC of Croak! For you to read! And fondle! And hopefully tell all your friends about, but that is not required! Just enjoy it! Plus I’ll throw in a lifetime supply of exclamation points! This winner will be chosen at random from all entries submitted over the course of the week. !!!   !!!

You’ve got a few options for entering (you MUST actually write an epitaph on one of these):
-post your epitaph as a comment on this blog post
-Like me on Facebook (if you haven’t already) and post your entry on my wall
-Follow me on Twitter (if you don’t already) and tweet your entry with both the hashtag #herelies and link For example, RIP Gina Damico: She sure did enter this contest. #herelies
Do one, two, or all three, as many times as you like – but only one entry in each category per day will be counted in the random drawings. For the GC ones, brainstorm away.

To get fancy bonus entries:
-Follow this blog
-Like the link on Facebook
-Link to this contest on Facebook (message the FB page to let me know so you’ll be entered)
-Link to this contest on your blog (shoot me an email at to let me know so you’ll be entered)

Contest ends this Friday, September 16 at 11:59pm EST. Daily winners will be announced each day after EDIT: All winners will be announced on Wednesday, September 21.

Good luck and die well!

***While you’re at it, head over to Read For Relief to bid on a whole bunch of awesome writerly items, with all proceeds going to the Red Cross and Hurricane Irene relief. Come on, all the cool kids are doing it.***


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