And all it took was a 450-mile round trip.

It was time to dive into revisions for Scorch, my second book. And I was stuck.

Luckily, Will and I threw a party this weekend. There was a chocolate fountain, some fondue, a game that involved estimating the number of words in the entire Harry Potter series, and a contest wherein guests had to come up with a title for a terrifying painting that we bought at an antique fair (I’m planning on holding the very same contest on this blog at some point, so get excited).

Also luckily, three of our friends from New Jersey came up for the occasion. That’s how exciting my spinach and artichoke dip is. One of them was driving back Monday, and since I happened to have Tuesday free as well, I tagged along with her so that I may spend the day in New York City and pick the brains of my agent and my editor. Or, as I’ve come to call them, my Book Peeps. Both of whom carved out a hole at the last second to meet with me, which I still can’t explain.

I had a couple of hours to kill in the morning, so I started the day off with a glance at the Occupy Wall Street protesters and the little hovel that they’ve carved out. Without getting into the politics of it all, I’ll say that some things made me nod and some things made me roll my eyes. Either way, might I suggest that at some point those guys occupy a shower?

I hope they’re using their Staples Rewards cards for all that posterboard.

Next I went down to Battery Park to sit on a bench and read for a bit. I didn’t realize until quite some time in that the spot I’d chosen was directly in front of the dock for the Liberty Island ferries, with a full view for passengers to stare at me and my classy Jansport backpack to their heart’s content. Also didn’t realize that I was behind a giant pillar obstructing what would otherwise be a lovely view of the Statue of Liberty. So, good planning there.

Next I headed uptown. On my way off the train I passed by yet another protest, this time in Central Park. There were a ton of people and I am quite short, so I couldn’t be too sure what they were yelling at, but I think it might have been a horse. I also passed the Apple Store, which has transformed into a shrine to Steve Jobs.

There were a bunch of apples left on the ground. Cute idea…until the giant rats come.

I then had lunch with CaptainAwesomeAgent Tina, an experience that involved not only fun times and tiny cheeseburgers, but also DEEP FRIED OREOS. AT A FANCY RESTAURANT. Needless to say, this blew my mind to smithereens. Once I put it back together we talked about my books and the revisions. As always, Tina was über helpful (and right, forever right), with our discussions eventually veering right back to how awesome Titanic is, as they often do.

Next I ran right back downtown for a mid-afternoon break with SheriffAmazingEditor Julie, who was equally helpful with brainstorming ideas and problem solving, even when I decided to send my hot apple cider flying across the table, nearly scalding the both of us. A mark of a true pro.

After that, it was a quick stop in to the Lion Brand Yarn Studio to say hi to all my former work peeps, and then off to the good old Bolt Bus. Four hours, many musings over all of the exciting new ideas, and a disappointing Arby’s meal later (though is there any other kind?), I was back in Boston, finally ready to dive back into revisions. It was that easy.


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