Warning: Scavenger Hunt Ahead

Do you like YA? Do you like fun times? Do you like YA FUN TIMES??

These ladies know what I’m talking about.

The answer to all three, of course, is yes. And so you will be groin-grabbingly excited to learn that there is a bigass YA Scavenger Hunt happening a mere TWO DAYS from now! I will be a part of it, but that is not nearly as awesome as the fact that 35 other YA authors will be too! And there will be bonus material and giveaways along the way (such as a preview of Croak)! And one lucky grand prize winner will get a TRUCKLOAD of signed books and other cool prizes dumped right through their front door!

Did your head just explode? Well, glue the shards back together, because you’re going to need that brain of yours for the sweet, sweet puzzles that await you. So here’s the plan: check back here any time between December 1 and December 4, and just follow the instructions. Make sure you have an hour or two to devote to all of the awesomeness. Actually, you may want to set aside an entire day. It’s far too easy to slip into a YA coma of bliss, I have found.

See you Thursday!


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