Iceland: Day 0.5

So I went to Iceland last week. My original plan was to blog about the entire trip in real time – to post every day after returning to the hotel, full of new adventures and photos to share, typing away with glee on my trusty computer. (In this vision, I am also merrily smoking a pipe.) But unbeknownst to me, my computer turned itself on for the entire overnight flight there and was dead by the time I arrived. And since I apparently forgot to pack an ounce of forethought, I did not have the appropriate electrical adapter with which to plug it in and recharge it. So now I will be reenacting the trip this week instead, day by day, so that my photographic efforts will not have been in vain.

We started last Monday today with an evening ride to the airport from Will’s dad, who asked the very same question I’d previously gotten from everyone else I’d told about my trip: “So, uh, what’s in Iceland?”
“We want to see the Northern Lights. They’re much more common in the winter. Also, um, there is nature. And, you know. Ice.”
“I see.”

Having cleared that all up, we arrived at the airport and met up with our friend RJ, then proceeded to board the MOST CHARMING PLANE EVER. Everything on it was scientifically calculated to be as adorable and whimsical as possible:

The seatbacks!

The televisions!

The napkins, for crying out loud!

And then of course, there was this item on the menu, which I insisted Will order:

…to which he replied that there wasn’t enough cake in the world.

Which might have upset me, were I not already crying with laughter at a particular page in the inflight magazine. It featured the DJ who had allegedly spun the bitchin’ Icelandic tunes that were playing in the cabin before the flight took off, and LOOK HOW HAPPY HE IS ABOUT IT!

I will try, but such a thing might be HUMANLY IMPOSSIBLE.

And then the plane took off and several hours later we arrived in Iceland. It was early in the morning there, and since we had been deprived of a full night’s sleep (or any night’s sleep, for that matter), we were fairly loopy, as evidenced by our taking a stab at the lyrics of Iceland’s national anthem:

Me: “Oh, Iceland. You are ice, and you are land -”
Will: “-ice, ice, baby-”
Me: “-land of ice and land!”

Then we got to the hotel and crashed like whoa. So that’s all for the first day, which wasn’t really a whole day, just an endless string of darkened hours on a plane. To be continued tomorrow, in a post that will feature : Blizzards! Waterfalls! Car trouble! Disappointment! Stew!



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