February Sharky Awards PLUS an announcement

In my ever-evolving quest to recognize the books that I read and enjoy (but without writing reviews (because I am terrible at that)), I give out awards that highlight some of my favorite things about the books I’ve read over the past month. And since my bookmark is a shark – a bookshark, if you will – I call them the Sharkys. And here is a picture of a shark eating another shark.

What in the?

Now on to the awards!
* denotes fellow Apocalypsies

Best Graphic
A Million Suns, by Beth Revis
I was already really digging this series – the twists! the turns! the LIES! – and book 2 did not disappoint. But what really sent it over the edge for me was a very well-placed Cool Thing smack dab in the middle of the book. I’m not normally a fan of shoving weird stuff in for no reason, but there was a good reason here, and it was awesome. I won’t give it away, but it’s definitely one of the most effective uses of format hijinks that I’ve seen in a while.

Best Meteorological Phenomenon:
The Aether, in Under the Never Sky, by Veronica Rossi*
I went to Iceland this month (as you may have heard me discuss, repeatedly), and I can tell you that there I experienced rain, snow, sunshine, and a gust of wind that blew my bag right off my shoulder, all within ten minutes. But Iceland is nothing compared to the Aether, which is a sky with waves that roll like the ocean and that sends down lightning storms whenever it feels like giving a couple of kids a run for their lives. Umbrellas would be of very little use in this situation, I’m guessing (just like they were in Iceland).

Best Lines:
The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green
Funniest – a tie between:
“I didn’t tell him that the diagnosis came three months after I got my first period. Like: Congratulations! You’re a woman. Now die.”
“I stayed up pretty late that night reading The Price of Dawn. (Spoiler alert: The price of dawn is blood.)”
And because it’s also a book about sadness and stuff, a profound one:
“…it occurred to me that the voracious ambition of humans is never sated by dreams coming true, because there is always the thought that everything might be done better and again.”

Coolest Structure:
Where Things Come Back, by John Corey Whaley
I can’t say too much about this without spoiling stuff. But the chapters alternate between two different viewpoints, first- and third-person, and just when you think that neither one has anything to do with the other, the pieces start to fall into place. Also, the cover features a spazzed-out looking bird, which of course I love.

Best Countdown:
Everneath, by Brodi Ashton*
Nikki only has six months to figure out how to get herself out of a really big pickle. Like, a going-straight-t0-hell pickle. Each chapter drags us one step closer to Time’s Up, and since each one is labeled, you’ll know exactly how much time she has left and how screwed she really is, for maximum suspenseitude. Two weeks left! One! Mere days! Ahhhhelpthetornadoofdoomiscoming!

The Devoured In Less Than 24 25 Hours Award:
Fracture, by Megan Miranda*
I wanted to know what happened. I needed to know what happened. I’d flown through the rest of the book – loved the voice, loved the plot and mystery, loved the pacing of how you didn’t quite figure out what was happening until the same time Delaney does – and I get to the last 20 or so pages and – the phone rings. GAH. And then I have to leave the house and can’t finish until I get home later that night. WHY MUST YOU MOCK ME, FRACTURE GODS?

Best Villain:
Brock, from Article 5, by Kristen Simmons*
Remember Professor Umbrage from Harry Potter? Remember how she always made you want to reach into the pages and strangle her smiling, evil, kitten-plate-displaying neck? Well, she and Ms. Brock, the headmistress at Ember’s “rebab” (psf) facility, should get a summer home together. Between Umbrage’s magic quill and Brock’s finger-smacking stick, I just want to – the hate – I can’t – *punches a poor innocent pillow* *appreciates the irony*

And lastly, an announcement:

I have a Big Fun Thing planned for the month of March. There will be excitement. There will be intrigue. Someone may or may not jump out of a cake, and they may or may not be fully clothed. Will the festivities involve a hamster wearing a sombrero? YOU WILL HAVE TO CHECK BACK TOMORROW TO FIND OUT!

But probably yes.


  1. Gina, I don’t know why you say you can’t write a book review. Your “mini” reviews are very entertaining! Love the Sharkys and looking forward to “Croak.” If you want me to do a review on my blog Books, Bones & Buffy, please let me know:)

  2. Actually, that’s a guinea pig wearing a sombrero. :] And oh, are you reading for some irony? It’s breed is called American. So, you know, an American wearing a sombrero? Haha . . . . yeah.

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