Reaper Madness!

Today is the first day of March. March is the month in which my debut novel, Croak, will be released. And so it stands to reason that there should be a month-long party to celebrate. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

(Except he was talking about dedicating a portion of the Gettysburg battlefield to those who lost their lives there, and I am just yelling about a book I wrote. So…I guess…probably not the same at all.)

Okay, so, in the other, lesser known words of Abraham Lincoln, “Let us kick the tires and light the fires, big daddy.”

My POINT is that I’m kicking off a month-long celebration of all things Croak. There will be contests, world premieres, giveaways, interviews with the folks behind the scenes, naked boys dancing, bonus material, and freebies – starting right now! Here is a badge for you to throw up on your blog, website, front door, dog, whatever you want:

And another thing I made, just for fun:

If you put either/both on your site, please just make sure to link back to this blog or my website.

So stay tuned all month long for the entertainments! AND cocktail weiners.


  1. No naked boys dancing??? Darn! ;)

    I have already read Croak (yes, lucky me!) and I LOVED it!! I took the badges and posted them on my blog!

  2. Happy book release month! If I had a blog or website I would totally put those awesome pictures on it and a link or whatever you do with websites.

    Also – totally sweet Abe reference.

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