Blurb Day

People are saying some very nice things about Croak!

“…nicely balances the grim subject matter with a heavy dose of humor, and the third-person narration provides some deadpan perspective on Lex’s absurd situation that gives the story an appealing tall-tale feel….under all this dry wit lies an intricate and imaginative construction of the afterlife that is as amusing as it is unique.”
–The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

“A killer ending sets the stage for the next book in this wacky, highly entertaining new series.”

“Creepy and hilarious.”
VOYA (4Q, 5P)

“…entertaining characters, clever twists, and a sly, self-aware sense of humor that pervades this promising series launch.”
Publishers Weekly

“…a distinctly Potteresque feel…the central mystery is genuinely puzzling, and Lex’s narrative voice is funny and fresh….Fantasy fans who like their tales gritty and filled with irreverent humor will be eager for the follow-up.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Go ahead and die laughing, knowing that the safe transport of your mortal soul will be the summer job of a sweetheart teen with godlike power and discipline problems. A lot of books make me wish I could live within their pages, but I wouldn’t mind dying in this one.”
Adam Rex, author of Fat Vampire

“This book is just so good. It’s full of laughter at every turn, but there are also some sad parts. The characters are very interesting and the story is bound to keep readers engaged. Overall, it’s a great read.”
—Tyler L., age 12 (“Book Reviews by Young Adults”, SLJ Teen)

“This is a great mystery, especially for older teens. And as Lex slowly finds the answers to her own mystery, readers will be surprised by the outcome-just like Lex. Overall, this is an amazing novel. It’s the author’s first, and she did a great job of creating a suspenseful love story that’s, at times, even humorous. Readers will easily find themselves wishing that they were in the story. This is the first book of a series, and I can’t wait for volume two, which I know will be as great as the first one.”
—Wesley L., age 16 (“Book reviews by Young Adults”, SLJ Teen)

“Meowwww. RARRRR.”
—Lenny, my cat, whom I haven’t fed yet

Thanks to all you lovely reviewers floating out there in the bookiverse! Let’s do lunch next time your bookship graces mine.


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