Dear Teen Me

Today I’m featured by the lovely folks over at Dear Teen Me, which is such an astoundingly amazing concept for a blog I can’t even stand it. My letter to my teenage self is a firm lecture on the dangers of bad bedroom interior design, with pictures, so you can see to the exact item – to the exact talking Austin Powers poster – how bad it really got.

BONUS CONTEST: If you can prove to me, with photographic evidence*, that you also currently own any of the items featured on my Dear Teen Me blog post, I will send you a signed bookmark and a scythe pendant. Because you clearly deserve some nicer stuff.

*You have to be able to somehow prove you own it. Don’t be a rotten cheater and just send pictures you found on the internet. I’LL KNOW.

Also, a quick plug: this upcoming Monday, March 12th, there will be an Apocalypsies Twitter Chat at 9pm EST, where you can hobnob with the coolest group of debut YA authors around. And I’ll tell you a secret: Monday’s Reaper Madness is going to be Twitter Day, so I will be online all day long to twitter and answer questions and keep you entertained like the pie-faced clown that I am. So think of some good stuff.

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One comment

  1. Your never-burned candle collection is so much cooler than my mini-self’s though!
    Granted, mine was collected entirely by accident…and miiiiight have consisted entirely of Christmas themed candles.
    Awesome post!

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