Jellyfish are an important element in the world of Croak. (…It’ll make sense when you read it.) But what about our real gelatinous buddies of the sea? Some fun facts*:

*mostly stolen from Wikipedia

–Jellyfish are found in every ocean, from the surface to the bottom. You cannot escape them. Repeat: YOU CANNOT ESCAPE.

–Collective names for a group of jellyfish include: bloom, group, and my personal favorite, a smack.

–The largest jellyfish in the world (there are a few species in the running) are pretty big. One has tentacles that can reach up to 120 feet, and another can weigh up to 440 pounds!

–A certain species of jellyfish, Turritopsis nutricula, is nicknamed the immortal jellyfish because it can age in reverse if it wants to. After achieving sexual maturity, it can revert back to a sexually immature stage – and since it can do this indefinitely, it could technically live forever! If it’s not, you know, eaten or killed or bounced on too hard by Dory and Marlin. *Finding Nemo reference FTW*

–In 2010, stray tentacles from a dead lion’s mane jellyfish – one of the largest species – stung between 125 and 150 people on a beach in New Hampshire. No one was seriously hurt, but some hilarity did ensue: other than the intrinsic funniness of a large group of people happily frolicking in the water and then suddenly and simultaneously bursting into tears, this delightful exchange happened after the fact, when the carcass had been pulled to shore:

The beach reopened Thursday, and swimmers were back in the water. The tide washed all the tentacles out to sea, leaving only the carcass, which was guarded by a young beach employee who said he was not authorized to give his name.

“I’m going to have to start charging you guys,” he said to the curious crowd gathered around the Dumpster, snapping photos.

Lynn Nicholson, of Methuen, Mass., wanted to name the jellyfish Wally. “Wally from Wallis Sands,” she said. Ms. Nicholson told [park director] Mr. Loughlin that she should put the jellyfish under glass and preserve it as a tourist attraction.

“No one wants to come see a pile of puke,” Mr. Loughlin said.

“Yes they do,” the young employee shot back.

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