Killing Time

So I know I should be all about my own book this week, but like many of you, I am pants-wettingly excited for a certain movie that is being released this weekend. Or in my case, at 12:06am tonight. The tickets are sitting right here on my desk, just begging me to turn them into into a bow and arrow or a cornucopia or something otherwise thematically appropriate.

Like this, because I am just that skilled in the art of mockingjay origami.

So why am I telling you all of this? Because I want company while I’m waiting in line! Tweet tonight or this weekend or whenever you’re going to see HG and tell me what it is you’re doing to kill the time. (Like a reaper might! See what I did there?) Heck, send a photo if you want. Just use the hashtag #killingtimeinline. And of those who tweet, I will send a random FIVE of you scythe pendants, and a lucky ONE of you a signed copy of Croak! (US residents only, please) May the odds be ever in your…

Okay, even I won’t be that lame. Good luck.


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