Release Day Shenanigans

As I may have mentioned once or twice, my book came out last week. What did I do to commemorate the occasion? Welp, I kidnapped a bunch of my friends and forced them to go on a whirlwind tour of Boston with me as visited local bookstores and signed stock. The torture began with this balloon, foolishly given to me by my friend Brittany:


Which of course prompted me go around all day making ridiculous demands (“Open my car door! Take my purse! Feed me a brownie!”), each one topped off with an obnoxious “IT’S MY DAY! THE BALLOON SAYS SO!”

Miraculously, said friends didn’t leave. First stop was the Burlington Barnes and Noble (where I’ll be appearing on April 18th). So we donned our black hoodies and I did the requisite reenact-the-cover-in-front-of-the-cover bit:

Not pictured: me fainting with glee five seconds later, after realizing my book is sandwiched between Daughter of Smoke and Bone and The Maze Runner.

So I signed a bunch of stock and we left, stripping our hoodies on the way because somehow Boston had decided – in March, mind you – to make itself hotter than the surface of the sun. Perhaps to imply that me releasing a book means the end times are near?

And then we took some ridiculous photos with different attitudes outside every store, because such is our way:

Get out of our photo, dumpy old guy!
Super emo teenage CW drama!

Everyone stayed remarkably chipper and excited throughout the day, except for ole bored-to-tears Allison over here:

Dreaming of chicken nuggets and ranch dressing, no doubt.

Quick cute story: At one of the stores, there was only one copy left. As I was signing it, a teenage girl came around the corner with a stack of YA books. She saw me signing, and asked if I was the author. I said yes. Then she bought it and kept saying how this was the coolest thing ever, and meanwhile I was thinking that she was the coolest thing ever, and it was quite the Hallmark Moment. So Leyla, if you’re out there – thanks for the memories!

Eventually, we ran out of stores to visit, and I ran out of demands to make of my weary friends. (Just kidding. That could never happen.) It was time now for pizza crusts:

“We wants it! My preciousss!”

And candlepin bowling. Thankfully, there was one thing no one had grown weary of: ridiculous poses.

And that was that! A gigantic thank you to my wonderful, supportive, complicit-in-nincompoopery friends for joining me for the festivities: Kelly, Claire, Bobby, and John; and an extra-gigantic thank you to those who slogged it out all day long: Allison, Brittany, Candice, Katie, Lisa, Melissa, and Will. And of course, much gratitude goes to the bookstores and staff who were so pleasant and accommodating, even though we came barreling into their otherwise peaceful stores like a band of drunken sailors: The Book Rack, Porter Square Books, Brookline Booksmith, and Barnes and Nobles in Burlington, Chestnut Hill, and Framingham. They all rocked.

Like Scott over there. You’re a delightful man, Scott.

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