Uh oh, I went out in public.

Okay, so the blog has become a bit of a tumbleweed zone, I know. This is because I’ve been traveling around for the past couple of weeks, meeting new people, talking about Book Things, and making a goodly amount of weird faces while I did so.

For example: I was invited to participate in the New York Teen Author Festival in New York City. Which, in addition to being a really fun event (all organized by David Levithan, the Pied Piper of YA Novelry), was also a fabulous excuse for me to be able to grab lunches with CaptainAwesomeAgent Tina and SheiffSuperEditor Julie. OH, and I spotted a former Real World cast member at a Barnes and Noble! (And by the way, I’m really disappointed in all of my friends and loved ones for not even knowing or caring about this factoid. I refuse to believe that I was the only teenager on earth in the nineties who watched The Real World. I REFUSE.)

Anyway. I was also lucky enough to be selected for a panel called Death, Murder, and the YA Novel. (Or, as I preferred to call it, The Death Panel.) Here is a photo featuring: Barry Lyga, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, me, Kim Harrington, and moderator Marie Rutkoski:

I am listening to Barry Lyga, but I’m also secretly trying to figure out what I can say that won’t make me sound like a moron. Was I successful? Meh.

There was also a bigass book signing that Sunday at Books of Wonder. And before that, I had a lovely brunch with a bunch of other Apocalypsies, but I cannot prove this, as I do not have a picture. But someone took a picture, didn’t they? I remember smiling! Goofily!

The weekend after that, I visited my hometown of Syracuse, New York. I’ve already mentioned my jaunty appearance on the local morning news show Bridge Street, but in addition to that I did a signing at the Dewitt Barnes & Noble. And hot damn, that was fun. The staff was warm and welcoming, the event was publicized in every corner of the store (I didn’t check the bathrooms, but I’m sure there were giant posters of my head floating above the toilets), and the displays were just delightful:

Don’t look directly at them; their shininess will blind you.

And then I got up and talked for a bit. I’m told I did well, except for the fact that I kept hitting my own mouth with the microphone, because I am Deficient.

“And now for the ceremonial burning of the books. Step right up to the fancy fireplace, folks, that’s what it’s there for!”

People actually got in line and wanted me to sign their books:

I smiled and tried to act like a human:

And then my sister usurped my signing seat.

She was later hanged in the town square.

All in all, an exciting couple of weeks! And the fun still hasn’t ended – tomorrow I’m off to Houston for the Teen Book Convention! I’ve gushed elsewhere about the authors that will be in attendance (Maggie friggin Stiefvater!), but let me just reiterate: I am so excited. I’ll be on yet another death panel (heh), this one titled What’s Death Got To Do With It? with Holly Black, DJ MacHale, and Marlene Perez. Anyone want to take bets on how many times I’ll hit myself in the face with the microphone? I’ll say eleven!



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