YAmazing Race with MGnificent Prizes!

NOTE: The YAmazing Race is officially over! Winners of the race will be announced tomorrow on the Apocalypsies blog, and the winners of my personal Croak contest will be announced tomorrow as well, right here on my blog. Thank you to all who participated!

It’s that time again! So begins the YAmazing Race with MGnificent Prizes, a massive blog hop featuring over 50 debut authors, and prize packs that include books, gift certificates, swag, and more! If you haven’t yet been to the Apocalypsies website, please click here to start from the beginning and read the complete rules. Now on to the race!

NOTE: The race doesn’t officially start until noon, so any entries submitted before then will NOT count.


Fed up with her wild behavior, sixteen-year-old Lex’s parents ship her off to upstate New York to live with her Uncle Mort for the summer, hoping that a few months of dirty farm work will whip her back into shape. But Uncle Mort’s true occupation is much dirtier than shoveling manure.

He’s a Grim Reaper. And he’s going to teach Lex the family business.

She quickly assimilates into the peculiar world of Croak, a town populated by reapers who deliver souls from this life to the next. But Lex can’t stop her desire for justice—or is it vengeance?—whenever she encounters a murder victim, craving to stop the attackers before they can strike again. Will she stay true to the rules of the Grimsphere, or ditch Croak and go rogue with her reaper skills?

Get your grubby hands on Croak today from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, IndieBound, or your favorite bookstore!

Got all that?
Good, because you’ll need to store it all up in your brain for the quiz ahead. And remember, there are six total quizzes, so for maximum prize winnage opportunities, be sure to fill out all six!

But hold the phone! Another giveaway? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!
Enter my contest for a chance to win a copy of Croak! And five runners-up will also receive a Croak prize pack made up of a scythe pendant, bookmark, magnet, and signed bookplate:

Cat not included.

There is an all-you-can-eat buffet of ways to enter: follow on Twitter, like on Facebook, follow this blog, follow on Pinterest, sign up for my newsletter, or leave a comment below telling me how you think the world will end. (I’d give you a prize if you ended up being right, but…you know.) When you’re all done clicking and liking and following, just fill out this little form, and you’ll be entered! (You MUST fill out the form to be entered, otherwise I won’t know what to give you credit for.):

Now what?

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  1. If by ‘favorite’ you mean most creeped out by, then that would have to go to Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. For some reason, the ones about women being made into chattel again freak me out no end.

    I also am endlessly facinated by the WWIII/Atomic Fallout/Despotic Dictator ones.

    • ROTFL I LOVE this scenario – just had to reply with what an awesome/ironic
      imagination! :D

  2. Definitely the giant space squid. Maybe that scene in the Hellboy movie will actually happen, only except for him getting his horns and becoming the key, a giant squid will just sit on us all.

  3. The world will be destroyed by insects:) That is my worst fear, so I’m going with it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. favorite scenario….. uummmm “Zombieland!!” raid stores and gas stations and other stores for supplies and go far away and defend but in my mind getting a boat maybe a yacht or something to flee just in case

  5. Of the ones for the YAmazing race definitely the Space Squid. I don’t have a favorite actual scenrio, they are pretty scary. Zombies would be the most terrifying and a supervolcanio would just suck, lol. Maybe we’ll go out in an ultra cool way like uhh…hmmm yeah I’ll back to you on that. lol

  6. Thank you for this awesome giveaway :D *Fingers crossed.* <3 I think we will all be blown away by a bomb. Seems most likely these days.. that is my guess :)

  7. I think the world will end just like how it does in AMC’s The Walking Dead. I’ve had dreams about zombie Apocalypses, I’m not sure how long I would survive because in my dreams I always struggle to work up the nerve to kill the zombies.

  8. I think that the apocalypse will be caused by the black cat in that picture. Cats all over the world will band together to take the planet from Humans.

  9. I think we are gonna be our own downfall. Sounds so morbid, i know, but yeah. The world is gonna blow itself up.

  10. Giant Space squid all the way. LOL.

    But seriously I think we are going to destroy ourselves/the world and llamas are going to rule what we leave behind…they are surprisingly tough.

  11. I am all for the world ending due to a viral outbreak that causes most of the population to turn into flesh-eating zombies. I am already prepared for this scenario!

  12. holy hell I can’t wait to read this book!
    also, I think zombies will probably be the end of us.

  13. I’m always a fan of the zombie apocalypse scenarios. My favorite types of zombies are the ones who are slow and only move when they smell fresh brains (like in Rot & Ruin). I feel like I would be more likely to survive that way.

  14. The one that caught my attention, and made me select it first because of how interesting it sounded was the ‘Killer Penguins’. It seems so unlikely, but possible. o.O

  15. I’m going to go with Zombie Apocalypse. And then anyone who is lucky enough to survive that will die when a huge meteor hits the earth and destroys it.

  16. Favorite apocalyptic scenario… hmm…

    When rain turns into acidic cheese and dissolves modern civilization to little more than a gunky puddle of yellow goo, a group of humans who are somehow immune must learn to survive in a dangerous new world. Their greatest enemy are the “Bluechers”, monsters whose genes have been altered by the acid cheese rain and now look like yellow-skinned zombies whose only brain activity consists of stuffing their rotting faces with food.

  17. I’m envisioning the world ending all because *somebody* forgot to pay their
    *solar* bill … either that, or zombies ;D

  18. How I think the world will end? Realistically, probably the crap air we’ll unknowingly make from all the usage of different resources will eventually kill us. Close second is that eventually everyone in the world will have been on some sort of reality TV show and we’ll all have lost so many brain cells from that “entertainment” that we’ll just start dying off. Either or.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  19. I’m pretty sure the world will end when someone divides by zero. That will cause a black hole to appear and I’m guessing you know what happens next :)

  20. I definitely think a World War where everyone is involved, humans, vampires, werewolves, fairies, demons, zombies, all the species!!

  21. I have always been fascinated with the concept of solar flares and its affect on technology. Everything we do is stored electronically. What happens when all that is gone?

  22. Seriously, I think it would be global warming. But I’m secretly hoping that aliens will take over, because you can reason will aliens. And maybe if I show them the beaded earrings I made in their likeness, they will let me go with them and I will be spared.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  23. I watched a movie in my Astronomy class about the poles shifting and I thought that sounded plausible. If that doesn’t happen, I’m thinking zombies.

  24. The world will end because I am too awesome. Everyone will just collapse and then the world will become a flat line and I will be the last person on Earth, together with Josh Hutcherson and we will make babies and make a whole new world……wait what

  25. I believe it will start with earthquakes. The earthquakes themselves won’t end the world, but I predict damaged nuclear materials, religious hysteria, destruction of trade routes, uncotrollable looting, failing of gas/water/power lines, etc. will lead to the inevitable collapse of everything.
    (I hope that then the aliens will return and take us back with them).
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  26. I liked the movie “10.5”. It was thrilling, heart-pounding craziness! I think the entire movie was pretty Apocalyptic, but my favorite part was when they had bombs exploding to stop the earthquakes… freaky!!!
    Alyssa Susanna

  27. If we’re going with the scenarios from this race, it was really a tough choice. The giant space squid is pretty epic and terrifying, but I ended up going with the killer penguins. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for penguins even if they are armed and dangerous!

  28. Okay so I just saw the movie Melancholia, whatever, they totally failed to even address the most interesting aspect of the possibility of a giant planet colliding with ours. Basically, if Earth is struck by something large enough to cause it to stop spinning, all kinds of crazy stuff happens! The inertial force of the Earth suddenly stopping its rotation would cause everything to go flying forward at several times the speed of sound. Okay, ow. Not only that, but the atmosphere would continue its rotation even as the earth stopped, so there would be several thousand mile an hour winds happening at that moment. Plus all the ocean water/tides and stuff would go sloshing everywhere and basically it would be total madness, even before we start dealing with the destruction of the collision itself! Eveyone would definitely die, is all I’m saying, so it’s probably one of the only apocalyptic scenarios that would truly end all life on Earth.

  29. I’m definetely going to say nuclear holocaust. It will definetely be human error that destroys this beautiful planet.

  30. I believe it’s like in the movie 2012.The world will end like that. But i hope it will not. >.<

  31. Uh, i would say zombies because my best friends a shooting champion (yeah, i know how awesome that is) but they’re kind of gross. So…i’m thinking the whole world will freeze and mammoths will come back to life. Because who wouldn’t want to have a woolly mammoth as a pet?

  32. I wouldn’t mind humanity being enslaved by cats. Oh, wait–that’s already happened. The apocalypse isn’t so bad, then.

  33. The apocalypse…Sadly, I think it started a long time ago. We use up all the resources and the earth turns to dust. BTW adding CROAK to my Kindle right now :)

  34. Hmm… I think the world will probably end when a combination of natural disasters strikes Earth. However, it would be a lot more interesting if it ended in the ways http://apocalypsies.blogspot.com/ described. You know, giant space squids, laser eyed iguanas, exploding flamingos and such ;)

  35. Ummm…I think I’d have to go with exploding flamingos, they sound pretty cool, but bad to mess with. :D
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. I once watched a documentary on the dormant and overdue volcano beneath Yellowstone National Park – that kind of catastrophic eruption, with a pinch of overdue earthquakes in the Bay Area and a splash of more fault lines near South-East Asia. And perhaps a sprinkling of Ragnarok, all bringing the world to an end in fire and darkness and warring gods. That said, killer penguins and giant krakens from space sound positively cheerful. Thank you for the giveaway! xx

  37. I’m thinking sun explosion, or possibly giant black hole… or meteor. Basically – space has it in for us.

  38. i think that the world will end on the day that all husbands cater exclusively to their wives for 24 hours and yes, that includes doing dishes and washing floors.

  39. I think it will end in a mass famine due to lack of food and over population. Though the rich will still have food, they will be the minority, eventually overtaken by the majority in a mass violent riot.

  40. I think eventually the humans will bring the earth to it’s devastation, through pollution and war, and that it will happen way before the earth has time to destroy itself by natural forces. It’s certainly not something I like to think of, it’s fascinating but scary.

  41. This sounds fantastic =) And I’m going to add it to my goodreads right now!
    And are you sure that fantastic feline isn’t included in at least one prize pack? ;)

    • Err and I apologize, I did forget to add on a little comment about how the world ends, silly me! ^^;

      Although, now that I think of it… perhaps it will end in some sort Amnesia Gas Catastrophe! You know, some sort of secret lab facility is doing tests on gases and other such air released toxins. Something goes wrong with their amnesia studies and the gas gets into the facility and people forget what their doing and what to do with the tests! Then from there accidents happen (such as pressing a shiny red button, you know the one they’re not supposed to press?) and the bunker blows up, sending the gasses and toxins to sift down to earth.

  42. As far as scenerios offered by The Apocalypsies, I think it’s the Giant Space Squid for the win! LOL
    Happy Races & Thanks for the Giveaway Opportunity – CROAK sounds SO GOOD!

  43. I think the world will end due to global warming, with a heap of natural disasters – something like those movies Day After Tomorrow or 2012 maybe. It would be cool and seriously creepy if a Zombie Apocalypse happened though! In a way. I guess. I’d probably not find it so cool if I were seeing it for real!

  44. Zombies! Always zombies. How badass would it be to run around shooting Undead in the head in dark skinny jeans, black tanktop with thigh holsters and crossbows!? …ok maybe I watch The Walking Dead too much.

  45. To be a teensy bit serious, I think the world will end with no breathable air as a result of global warming. I think that nature will be totally out of balance and that humans will be decimated…..maybe something like the ‘Knowing’ would happen-that would be more hopeful…

  46. Oh probably just more dramatic or apocalyptic than now, with earthquakes, volcanos, storms, and war. Sounds rather depressing. :)

  47. I always have a fear of zombies coming out of the dark corners in my house or the woods but I don’t think that’s how the world is going to end! Maybe a close runner up… I’m going to side with M. Night Shyamalan and say fear the treeeeeees. They’re either going to die up and leave us gasping for air or go all hulk-ent-like and take us out. I never really trusted Treebeard, anyways..

  48. It’s startling how many of us are on board for a zombie apocalypse. I am one of you, though I have to constantly remind myself that handsome Rick Grimes is a TV character and this scenario won’t be as much fun as a video game. But still I dream…

    In all honesty, I think if the Earth doesn’t quit on us first, we’ll kill ourselves in needless wars. A sobering thought. Let’s go back to zombies.

  49. I think…my favorite that already exists would definitely be how The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy went down. Nothing like a side of humor to make inevitable doom more tolerable.

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