Giveaway winners

Thanks so much to everyone who ran the YAmazing Race with MGnificent Prizes! Hope you added a whole bunch of new books to your reading pile, and I also hope you didn’t get a cramp while racing, because those really suck.

Anyway. The winners of the grand prizes have been announced over on the Apocalypsies blog, and here are the winners of my own personal Croak giveaway:

Signed copy of Croak: Chelley

Croak prize packs:
Sara Kovach
Nicole M.
Alaiel Kreuz
Lisa Roufaeil
Naomi H.

Winners have been contacted by email, so if you are on this list and haven’t replied to me yet, please do so I can send you the loot.

As for your favorite apocalyptic scenarios, you guys sure are creative. I especially enjoyed these two answers:

I’m pretty sure the world will end when someone divides by zero. – Jessica K.

The world will end in a halfhearted blaze of apathy. – Lauren “Scribe” H.

Overall, the big winner was clearly zombies, but we also got votes for meteors, global warming, killer penguins, giant space squids, and a few of you even think the world will eventually be overrun and enslaved by black cats.

What’s he planning?

Thank you once again to all who entered, and stay tuned for the next race! May the Giant Space Squid be with you!


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