Croak in the wild

I mentioned this back in March when Croak first came out (and have neglected to follow up on it because I am a terrible, terrible person, but that’s neither here nor there). The point is, I posted these photos:

…and said that whoever emailed me fun pictures of their copy of Croak doing wacky things would A) get them posted here on the blog and B) get a free signed bookplate. (An offer that still stands, by the way.) So here’s what I got. First up is a photo from Amanda of her dog Nadie:

“I’m more of a historical fiction buff, but I’ll give it a shot.”

Next up is from my yarn store buddy Claire, who claims to have taken this outside a bar called Rudy’s in Manhattan, but I’m pretty sure it came straight from hell:

Only the evilest pigs wear bowties.

Tricia sent two photos (of the rare and elusive Croak ARC, no less), one with tarot cards and one wearing headphones and a rainbow sweatband and playing Nintendo, which proves once again that my book is much, much cooler than I am.

Then we have Charles, who sent along a very classy number titled “Italian Yoricks” that I am in love with:

An average Tuesday night in the Damico office.

And while I’m at it, here are a couple more of my own, taken in and around New York during the NYC Teen Author Festival:

It skated around the rink at Rockefeller Center, bought an overpriced hot dog, and then hosted Saturday Night Live.
Mayor McCheese approves.

Thanks to all who sent in photos! And like I said, the offer still stands for more, so if you’ve got a copy of Croak lying around and it’s not wearing a ridiculous hat or bungee jumping off a pile of laundry, then you’ve got some work to do, my friend. Email me a photo, and I will snail mail you a signed bookplate. Delivered by an actual snail.



  1. Hi,
    I’m Amanda’s husband. You have our dog pictured up above. I’m sure, like everyone else, you first saw the picture of Nadie and had a response similar too, “OMG, I WANT HER EARS!! LAKSKLASDKASKJ@&@#&@*!!!!!!!!!!” That’s what is typical anyway.

    But rest assured, that picture was taken because she is a hell hound, hence her holding Croak. She really doesn’t enjoy history, but rather causing mayhem and destruction.

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