Booke the Thirde, plus a supercool giveaway

Good news, everyone! Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has picked up the third and final book in the Croak series! From Publisher’s Marketplace, in all it’s typo-rific glory:

Gina Damico’s the third book in the CROAK series, about a teenage Grim Reaper, to Julie Tibbott at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Children’s, for publication in Fall 2013, by Tina Wexler at ICM (NA).

Isn’t that the bee’s knees? I’m super excited, as evidenced by the copious amounts of prancing I did around the house yesterday when I got the news. Neighbors, hope you enjoyed the show.

Anwyay, to celebrate, I’m going to give away something that only two other people on the planet own, and that is…a handmade plush grim reaper made by yours truly:

AND the scythe color can be customized to match that of your favorite character from Croak! Just leave a comment below for a chance to win, plus you’ll get extra entries if you follow on Twitter, like on Facebook, or blab about the book deal giveaway on either of those.

But that’s not all. Since it’s such a fun prize, I’m going to do something a little nuts and combine it with another promo I’m running. So if you can prove to me that you own or have ordered Croak as described in this post, I’ll give you five extra entries for the grim reaper — PLUS I will send you a free signed bookplate just for entering!

This shindig will run until midnight EST next Tuesday the 29th, and is open to US residents only. Good luck and may the death be with you!



  1. Congrats for getting the third book sold! That’s great news:)

    I’m a twitter follower @christinafiorio
    and I liked on facebook Christina Rita Condomaros

    ccfioriole at gmail dot com

  2. That is such exciting news!! I love the Plush Grim Reaper too! That is incredibly cool. I still haven’t read the book yet, but I did buy it and am looking forward to getting to it soon. I sent you an email with a pic. (from alf421 DOT af AT gmail DOT com)
    Like on FB Amy Fournier
    Follow on Twitter @amabe421

  3. Congrats are in order for you, Gina! And “yay!” for us, too, since we get to read even more of your fab story. :)

    Holy stromboli. That Grim Reaper!! He would totally look so awesome in my office, along with all my other oddities! Good luck to us all, but in this case, I really hope I win. Gotta be honest. Haha!

    Like on Facebook: Jenna DeTrapani
    Follow on Twitter: @MTGReviews
    I also blabbed by RTing your tweet about this great news and giveaway on Twitter
    I also posted it on Facebook:
    I mention your book all the time on my blog. Most recently in this rambling vlog and as my Waiting on Wednesday last week.
    Here’s a link to my photo of Croak in the wild. (Literally.)

  4. Hi Gina! I just emailed you a photo of Croak in the wild from ccfioriole at gmail dot com

    Here’s a link to it on my facebook as well (I commented earlier on this post with all my follow names etc)

  5. HUGE congrats, Gina! Still eagerly awaiting book 2, but I’m happy to know there will be a THIRD as well. Awesome news!

  6. I absolutely loved Croak and am wondering when 2 is coming out. I saw that 3 was approved and can’t wait to read

  7. This book has been on my list for forever and I still haven’t gotten my hands on it. But this just gives me all the more reason to! Congrats!

  8. congrats Gina! just take a look at my site and click through all the pages. nuff said!leave me a message so i will know you were there. one reaper author to another, if i don’t win the little guy, maybe i can get you to make me one. i need it for my desk.
    good luck and much success, p.s i have not yet read your books, but believe me ,i will!

  9. This is fabulous news!!!!!
    I follow on Twitter: @aLmYbNeNr
    Facebook: Amber Robinson

    And I have a copy of CROAK! It’s on Kindle though, I hope that counts. I’ll email you the pic!

  10. Squee! It’s so cute! I haven’t read CROAK yet (though I can’t wait to get my hands on it), but I just gotta have this little guy.

    shelver506 at gmail dot com

  11. Awesome! XD I love it!
    I follow u via Twitter as @Ocedday
    I Liked ya on FB as Samantha Deen

  12. Okay. I am SO EXCITED for this.

    Let me see what I can do.

    -I liked the page on Facebook
    -I follow you on twitter (@Froze8, I am coming to your signing early June with Jessica! I actually know her from another signing and that’s how I found out about this signing, super excited to get to see her again and meet you!)
    -I posted this on Facebook ( )
    -I tweeted about it ( )
    – And I did a picture for the extra 5 entries! (I put it on twitter but I can e-mail it to you too if you’d like)

    Alright. I think that’s about all I’m allowed to do… :)..

  13. I have follows thou on the tweeting service as well as approved of your page on Facebook. You may search the following names as evidence of my previous claims.
    Name the first @chongaearrings
    Name hate second Jake Eveker
    I am also hoping that this form of digital communication will suffice an entry as you staited above.

  14. I looooved this book. I thought lex was quite the character and she just cracked me up. Way awesome ending as well. I’m stoked to hear that you will have not only one but two more books in this series. :) thanks for writing!


  15. I should really get a blog… But congrats!! So very excited!
    Your plushies (correct name?) are adorable!! You are so very talented!
    My twitter is Vittles202, rarely ever go on it, but I am for this! And I messaged you on facebook.
    Name’s Vittoria <3 Congrats again!!!

  16. To my sis-law… I finally was able to get a copy of your book. I am looking forward to finding some me time in my hectic life to sit and indulge in another life through your story. I am sure I could really use that temporary dream of being able to be a reaper :-)
    Enjoy all the new success!
    Marie :-)

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