Summer appearances

As evidenced by the tumbleweeds dancing across this blog and the cobwebs gunking up my Twitter account, the majority of my summer is being spent working on the third Croak book. I have been informed by my team of doctors, however, that it is important to leave the house every once in a while and come into contact with other humans, even if it is just to grunt at them and/or let them feed me a treat.

So! My appearances this summer, while minimal, will still be fun. Or, uh – well, I’ll promise you this much: I will put on some clothes.

Saturday, July 7
Bookstore Plus in Lake Placid, NY
Author signing

Sunday, August 12
Oblong Books & Music in Rhinebeck, NY
Hudson Valley YA Society Monthly Salon Series
Reading, Q&A, and signing

See you there!


One comment

  1. I just finished the first Coak book and adored it! Thanks for writing such a fun book for teens. Glad to hear there are more coming!

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