Lake Placid, Part III

I saved these photos for last because they’re just plain cool. As we paid our toll to drive to the top of Whiteface Mountain, the guy at the booth apologized for the weather, saying that visibility was pretty crappy today, and also, no refunds. But once I got up there, I didn’t mind at all – all that fog and mist just made it SO DAMN EERIE.

Once you drive to the top, you can either hike up a whole bunch of stairs or take the elevator. Being the scampering sort, I opted for the stairs, and I’m glad I did – the weirdness of a flight of stairs cut into a mountain and vanishing off into the clouds made it more than worth it. And since we got there early before the crowds, it felt all deserted and creepy and hot damn if this exact setting doesn’t appear in future writings of mine. Behold and enjoy!

Squint real hard and you’ll see Croak in the distance!


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