Book Three, In Index Card Form

And laid out across my dining room table.

That’s chapter by chapter, scene by scene. Of course, five minutes after this was taken it was no longer accurate, as I’ve been cutting and pasting and taping and stapling and deleting and hurling computers out of windows and now it looks nothing like what it did. Plus, due to my husband’s inability to avert his gaze – it’s just a giant slab of wood that takes up the entire room and that we eat on, how HARD could it be to LOOK AROUND IT – I had to remove the cards because of major spoiler potential. And because our house was a million degrees and we had to put a fan in the window and that would have turned the whole room into a snow globe of mixmatched plotlines, which, incidentally, should be the motto of my life.

But still! Progress!

Also, I went to a circus.



  1. Totally how I spent most of my college years studying. It’s also how I remember to do things like “clean the mother-effing bathroom” and “take paul’s stupid cat to the vet” — but isn’t that the glory of sticky notes and index cards? =)

    PS: Just read croak and I promise not to go too fan-girl on you — but OM-FREAKING-G I loved it! Hard.

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