Announcing: A Slapdash Road Trip Book Tour!

I got this crazy idea.

It all started when the good people of Texas invited me to be a part of the Austin Teen Book Festival, a literary hootenanny of epic proportions fearing a heap of awesome authors that I can’t wait to be a part of. But then I got to thinking the following thoughts:

1.) Scorch, the sequel to Croak, is coming out soon (exactly a month from today, in fact – Tuesday, September 25). I need to promote it.
2.) I’ve always wanted to go on a big road trip.
3.) Austin is a goodly distance away from Boston, despite the fact that they rhyme. So…why not drive to Austin?
4.) And then, I don’t know, drive all the way back?
5.) And what if, since my routes aren’t really set in stone, I let the good people of America decide how I get there?
6.) These are all excellent yet half-baked ideas! I should make them happen in as haphazard a manner as possible!

So guess what, good people of America? I’m renting a reasonably priced car and hopefully coming to your town! Because you, the fans, are who I’m writing for in the first place–so in this People’s Choice, DIY, randomly assembled book tour, YOU, the FANS, decide the route. Whether you be a librarian, bookseller, blogger, fan, or drunken pirate who just happened to get internet access at sea and wandered over to the wrong website, I want to meet you and sign some books and give away cool prizes and maybe definitely get some pictures of us wearing crazy hats. I have plenty to go around.

The festivities are already underway.

The dates will be Sunday, September 23rd through Saturday, October 6th, and here’s how this is going to work: if you want me to barge into your town, fill out the form at the bottom of this post. It will ask you a little bit of information about where you are, who you are, when you’re available, and how many snacks you’re willing to bribe me with. (Just kidding. There is no limit to how many snacks I can be bribed with.) Here is a VERY TENTATIVE AND VAGUE map of my VERY TENTATIVE AND VAGUE routes:

If you live in this area of the country, you are eligible for me to invade your turf. In case I’m being too subtle, know this: these routes are VERY TENTATIVE AND VAGUE and INCREDIBLY SUBJECT TO CHANGE. It all depends on numbers. The more requests I get from an area, the more likely I am to visit that area. Tennessee could win out over South Carolina. Pennsylvania could kick New York in the junk. So if you really want me, get a pitchfork-wielding mob of your friends to submit forms, and your chances will thusly increase.

(Sidebar for those of you who don’t live on this map: I still love you. Really. It’s just not going to happen this year. Next time I will take a different route, I swear. It’s not you–it’s me. Please, let’s not fight in front of the children.)
(Additional sidebar: sadly, I am not Batman. I cannot be in the Batcave AND at a cocktail party AND at the bad guy’s lair all at once. Even if you fill out the form, there is NO GUARANTEE I will definitely come to your burg. But I will do my best!)

There are a few ways for you to participate, depending on who you are:

  • Librarians and booksellers: I will come to your place of literary business! I do, however, realize that these dates are coming up wicked soon, so the types of events I am envisioning are totally casual. Like, I may just breeze right up, sign a book or two, and then breeze right out. I may be wearing a trench coat, or a cape. Of course, if you DO in fact want to throw a bigger event, to that I say: “Hells yes, let’s chat.”
  • Bloggers and fans: I want to meet you! If there are enough requests from one area, I will do my best to set something up at a bookstore or a library or even a cafe. If you want to increase your chances, or if you are feeling like doing some extra credit, tell your favorite local bookstore or library about the tour and get them to fill out the form as well.
  • The more spontaneous among you: I will tweet/FB/blog some surprise, pop-up visits along the way at various locations. If you happen to be near them, come say hi!
  • Those who do not live in this quadrant of the country: I will be live-blogging the whole shebang, so be sure to follow along. You can win some sweet, sweet prizes – including tacky souvenirs!

In conclusion: Fill out the form. Librarians/booksellers: I will contact you for more info about setting up an event. Everyone else: I will put up dates and locations as soon as they are confirmed, so stay tuned to this blog for something that might eventually resemble a schedule. And if you have any other questions, feel free to email me. Thanks in advance for participating, and hopefully I’ll see you soon! HERE COMES THE FORM:

[The tour is over. Thanks to all who participated!]



  1. If you were taking the northern route around Lake Erie, I would invite you to my place for snacks/dinner etc. I bought Croak at Wordsworth Books in Waterloo, Ontario, didn’t even have to special order.

  2. Widen your tour just a tiny bit to include New Mexico (we always get passed over because people think you need a passport and that the water is yucky…totally false!) and I’ll put you up at our place in the woods! We’ve got a small independent bookstore and loads of awesome wildlife. Plenty of funky hats too! :)

    • Sadly, due to time constraints I have to stick to the week to Austin, week back. But I do have a friend that lives out that way, and there have been discussions of a future road trip there. So do not despair!

  3. I’d love you to come out to CALIFORNIA! Say early April 2014. OC Public Libraries puts on an all-day author event, Literary Orange, and you’d be fabulous as one of our authors. Date will be either 1st or 2nd Saturday in April. We’ll bribe you with lunch and snacks, and 400 attendees! Website is for info on our past events. Do consider it! Can’t wait for the 2nd book to come out.

  4. When will you be releasing the top-secret confidential deets about the roadtrip tour?
    (Also: if you’re curious, just finished and loved Croak. There’s a review going up on my blog in a bit, hopefully. =D )

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