Slapdash Road Trip update

Lest anyone think that this whole last-minute, flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pants road trip thing is a ruse, here is a list of things I have accomplished in the planning department so far, in preparation for the two-week trip that I am leaving for in roughly four days’ time:

1.) I have perused some rental car company websites.

That is all.

I like this one.

I have not reserved a car yet. I have not booked hotels. I have not finalized a route. I haven’t even started to begin to think about packing. All I know is at the end of this week, I will leave my house and get into a car that is not mine (mayhaps I’ll just borrow one from my neighbor, or a nearby parking lot) and just start driving. What could possibly go wrong?

There is one perk to my incompetence: you get a couple more days to throw in a vote for where you want me to go. I will actually, really, I swear, finalize a route by Wednesday, so be sure to fill out a form by then and I might stop by. If I haven’t driven into one of the Great Lakes yet.


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