Slapdash Road Trip Book Tour Official Schedule (if the definition of “official” has been changed to “highly tentative”)

You know all that blabbing I’ve been doing lately about this crazy-ass road trip I’m going on? You know how I said it’s sort of half-baked, I don’t really have any hotels booked, and I’m not entirely sure where I’m stopping?

Well, all those things are still true. And I’m leaving tomorrow.

At least the packing is going well.

But! I was in an improv troupe in college – I’m used to making things up on the fly, being all sporadic-like, and taking things in the face as they’re thrown at me (eggs, pies, etc.). I sort of like the idea of just driving off into the sunset in my crappy rental car and seeing what comically oversized things I might find along the way. And so, in the spirit of *improv* (the asterisks indicate jazz hands), that is how this trip is going to go.

That said, I do have a vague-ish route – and as promised, it really was dictated by the responses I got from those of you who voted. (Quick aside to those of you who voted: thank you!) In most cases, you will just see a state listed, rather than a city–that is because the cities I sleep in will be determined en route. *improv!* Also in most cases, I do not have actual events planned – as I said in my original post, this trip is going to be reeeeal casual-like. I will be popping into bookstores, signing books, leaving swag — and, due to the uncertain nature of road trips, I can’t really put definite arrival times on said stops. SO for the most up-to-date updates, be sure to follow on Twitter, where I’ll be yelling all about where I am at every waking moment. So here is a tentative schedule, followed by a tentative map.

Friday, September 21
Boston, MA –> Syracuse, NY
No stops today – just picking up my sister and staying overnight at my parents’ house, so that they can have one last night with us before their only children drive off into the unknown mysteries of Everywhere That Is Not Syracuse.

Saturday, September 22
Syracuse, NY –> Somewhere in Ohio
Making stops in: Rochester NY, Buffalo NY, Erie PA, Cleveland OH, and bookstores along the way

Sunday, September 23
Ohio –> Chicago, IL
Making stops in: bookstores along the way

Monday, September 24
Chicago, IL
No travel today, just sticking around Chicago for some shenanigans, eating, and school visits. But at night…

Scorch launch party!
Reading, Q&A, signing at Anderson’s Bookshop, Two Doors East
From Anderson’s website:
Pre-purchase the author’s new book at Anderson’s to get a number for the signing line. If you are planning on attending an event & getting a book signed you must pre-purchase a book.
Options: You can purchase a book online (leave a note in the comments field you will be attending), you can stop in to purchase a book and ticket or you can give us a call
Naperville (630) 355-2665 | Downers Grove (630) 963-2665

Tuesday, September 25
Chicago, IL –> Nebraska
Making stops in: Belvidere IL, Boone IA

As this the actual release date of Scorch, we will probably be wearing silly hats for the duration of the drive. And black hoodies, no matter how hot it is. And we will most likely be barging into lots of bookstores all day long, wearing said outfits and scaring the living cheese out of anyone within hearing range.

Wednesday, September 26
Nebraska –> Kansas
Making stops in: Wichita KS, the geographic center of the contiguous United States, and bookstores along the way

Thursday, September 27
Kansas –> Oklahoma 
Making stops in: Tulsa OK, bookstores along the way

Friday, September 28
Oklahoma –> Austin, TX
Making stops in: bookstores along the way

Saturday, September 29
Austin, TX
No traveling today, because I’ll be participating in the:

Austin Teen Book Festival!
Palmer Events Center
9:30am – 5:00pm
From the website: ATBF is a festival connecting teens with authors of books for teens. It’s totally free, and it’s totally awesome!
ATBF is an amazing opportunity to meet your favorite authors, buy some books, and get them signed!
No need to register, just show up – everyone is welcome! Students do not need to be accompanied by an adult.

Sunday, September 30
Austin, TX –> New Orleans, LA
Making stops in: Houston TX, Baton Rogue LA, bookstores along the way

Monday, October 1
New Orleans, LA –>Alabama
Making stops in: Tuscaloosa AL, Birmingham AL, and bookstores along the way after doing a couple of school visits in New Orleans.

Tuesday, October 2
Alabama –> North Carolina
Making stops in: Atlanta GA, bookstores along the way

Wednesday, October 3
North Carolina –> Washington, DC area
Making stops in: Roanoke VA, bookstores along the way

Thursday, October 4
Washington, DC –> Syracuse, NY
Making stops in: Severn MD, Ellicott City MD, Lancaster PA, bookstores along the way, then dropping off sister and reuniting with tearful parents.

Friday, October 5
Syracuse, NY –> Boston, MA
Making stops in: Albany NY, Springfield MA, Hadley MA, and bookstores along the Mass Pike

Saturday, October 6
Return the rental car, most likely in several pieces

Sunday, October 7

Boston Scorch Party!
Brookline Booksmith
Reading, Q&A, signing, and probably some snacks. Come celebrate the release of Scorch –and the (hopefully) successful completion of this fever dream of a road trip.

Actual route subject to change, based on Sam the GPS’s demonic whims.

So there it is. Like I said: plenty of flexibility and room for deviation, but with any luck I’ll be able to nail down a few more specifics as I get closer to all these places – like the actual bookstores I’ll be popping into, etc. If the internet gods are good to me, I’ll be posting daily recaps of my adventures, so be sure to follow the blog – and Twitter, too, for my most current whereabouts. PLUS, as I mentioned in my original post, I will be doing some contests and giveaways along the way, so keep an eye out for those.

Deep apologies to those of you who voted but whose towns I am just not able to get to – if this tour goes well (enough), I plan to do more – so hopefully our stars will cross one day! (And side note to those in the NYC-Philly area: I’m not hitting you up during the road trip, but I AM doing a mini-tour through there at the end of October – stay tuned for more details on that.)

Lastly, thank you to everyone who submitted requests – I hope I get to meet you all! I’ll be the one with giant hair, bloodshot eyes, and coffee-fueled insanity!



  1. AHHHH!!! Lancaster! *dies* . . . *awake when I realize I need to be alive to see you*
    When will the details be available about what bookstores you will be in??
    -The countdown to October 4th begins-

    • As soon as I can figure them out, I’ll post them – though to be honest, they will probably be pretty close to the day, maybe even the day before. This road trip timing thing is a tricky business. :)

    • I’m going to be aiming for 3:00ish, and shooting for the Erie B&N, as you suggested – but it could be earlier, could be later. I will do my best to tweet an approximate ETA when I leave Buffalo. But as always, feel free to jump in and ask! I hope it all works out!

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