Slapdash Road Trip Book tour, Day 2: Syracuse, NY –> Cleveland, Ohio

Armed with a car full of snacks, maps, and my grandmother’s eggplant parm (in a cooler, not splashed around the car (yet)), my sister and I embarked on what could be the Grandest Journey Ever, but will more likely devolve into The Great Murder Spree of ’12. Time shall tell.

We got a couple of mascots to join us – mine being a skull named Yorick, and Lisa’s being a stuffed cupcake that is as yet unnamed. Her plan is to name it after a fun-sounding town that we see on the way, but so far Hamburg and Girard haven’t quite fit the bill.

And there’s Lisa in the back there, looking like the idiot that she is.

We made a stop in Rochester to sign some books, then headed on to Buffalo, where we ate lunch at the Anchor Bar, birthplace of the original buffalo chicken wings. It had lots of crazy crap and license plates all over the wall, and motorcycles hanging from the ceiling, because sure.


Highlights of Anchor Bar: rather than two glasses of water, we were brought four little ones:

Lisa has a hard time grasping the situation.

and then we demolished the wings, leaving only paltry carcasses:

Forgot to take a ‘before’ photo of the wings, which would have been much nicer to look at than this horrifying carnage.

and then took the obligatory photo out front that makes me look like a wet turtle:

More like “Home of the Original Awkward Stance”, am I right folks?

Did a quick signing in Buffalo, then it was off to Pennsylvania, which–good LORD, that is a gigantic lake!

Lake Erie: ocean-like in its vastness!

I grew up in Upstate New York and had seen a Great Lake or two before, but for whatever reason this struck me anew as alternately amazing and horrifying.

Lisa: amazed. Gina: sad? For some reason?

Then it was on to Erie, PA, where I met up with a lovely fan and some lovely staff at the oddly shaped Barnes and Noble, which used to be a car dealership.

See, it’s very pointy, which means low, low prices on that Chevy Impala.

And despite the fact that all day we kept repeatedly driving into some very apocalyptic-looking storm clouds:

Throughout which the cupcake remained quite optimistic.

…we were rewarded at the end of the drive with some crazy pink stuff, like peeps had exploded all over the sky.

Then we grabbed a hotel near Cleveland, and that’s where we’re leaving from today, as soon as I can figure out how to get the coffee machine to work. And not a minute sooner.

You can find signed books left in my wake at:
Rochester, NY: Barnes & Noble, 3349 Monroe Avenue
Buffalo, NY: Barnes & Noble, 3701 McKinley Parkway
Erie, PA: Barnes & Noble, 5909 Peach Street



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