Slapdash Road Trip Book Tour, Day 3: Cleveland, OH –> Chicago, IL

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to stop in many bookstores yesterday. It was a big driving one–we had a lot of ground to cover in order to get to Chicago, and we both started to get a little loopy after all those endless farms and fields in Ohio (which were a surprise to me–I thought Ohio was just full of friendly people). So not too many photos, but there were a couple of highlights.

We started out the day by stopping into a bookstore to do another signing, where we found this little bastion of delightfulness:

Why are you so mad and pointy? YOU HAVE ACCEPTED THE CHALLENGE.

From there it was on to Indiana, but only after 5.3 billion hours of driving, or so it felt like. Ohio is much bigger than I realized, and since we took the scenic byway, a lot of that was through epic, lovely farmland. Then we found this creepy road sign:

Not pictured: the disembodied limbs of children.

And we attempted to visit Seneca Caverns, which has the distinction of having not one, but two of the awesomest taglines I’ve ever heard, and neither of which I am making up: Seneca Caverns: the Caviest Cave in America, and Seneca Caverns: The Earth Crack. How could I not want to see that?

Unfortunately, the tour would have taken too long, and we had to skip it. Which broke my little cave-loving heart, but at least I got a cool shot of the cemetary next door to the Earth Crack:

The Cemetariest Cemetary in America

And this gravestone wooden sign:


Then we hit up a Sonic, which Lisa had never experienced before. I myself had only been once or twice, and so we were both tickled by this anthropomorphic, blobby being that has been graced with the title of “cool” for no discernible reason:

But wacky, definitely.

One of my more Sonic-expert Twitter followers informed me that it is a tater tot, which makes a bit more sense, but also opens up a whole new barrel of questions. Why feet but no arms? Why are they red? Why, unlike a real tater tot, is he so smooth and non-textured? Has he gotten some work done?

We also tore through a bit of the ole Amish country, but ironically, we were moving too fast in our rocket of technology to get a decent photo of the horse and buggies. So here’s a nice field instead:

Indiana! In all its fieldy glory!

Today I’m hitting up a couple of school visits, then celebrating Scorch‘s launch at Anderson’s tonight – if you live in the Chicago area, come see me!

Signed books left behind in:
Barnes & Noble, Akron, OH:  4015 Medina Road



  1. It’s too bad that you didn’t get to go to the Seneca Caverns, and that road sign is definitely creepy and funny at the same time. I would have never guessed that that sonic thing was a tater tot. I’m loving these updates. :)

  2. Ohio is indeed the most boring state to drive through. And their highway patrol likes to catch people who come speeding in from states where the limit is 70 mph (Ohio’s is 65). PA may be bigger, but at least it has nice rest stops!

    Yay!!!! Can’t wait for Scorch!!!

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