Slapdash Road Trip Book Tour, Day 4: Chicago, IL

Today I spent the whole day in Chicago, though in a much more accurate sense, I did not spend the whole day in Chicago at all. I stuck mostly to the suburbs, doing a couple of school visits, meeting the kids, being a bad influence, etc, and I’m pleased to report that I was only mistaken as a middle schooler twice. Since it’s shady to post photos of unwitting children, I’ll just give you some of the other various highlights:

–I was instructed by not one but eighty-seven people to go to Portillo’s, a Chicago must-eat-at. I was also given very specific requirements: get the Italian Beef, dipped, with sweet peppers and onions. So I did. And I must agree, it was a transcendent sandwich.

You can tell because only transcendent sandwiches make my eyes bug out like that.

–After signing some books at the fabulous Anderson’s bookshop, we drove into the city, screaming the whole way because AHH CHICAGO IS BIG AND SCARY. But we were delighted to find out that not only is Chicago very unscary, but clean and spacious and just overall a goshdarn lovely place. We met up with our cousin, who turned out to be a marvelous tour guide, taking us to Millennium Park, giving us great views of the skyline:

Not pictured: Ferris Bueller.

and, of course, rocking the Bean:

Overheard as we arrived, from a large tough-sounding guy: “That’s PINTO right there, bro!”

Which of course led to some reflective shenanigans:


And then we got a pizza that weighed more than both of us combined, and all was right with the world.

Today: is the official release date of SCORCH! I promised I’d celebrate with a silly hat, and I will not disappoint.

Thank you to all for the book birthday wishes already. Now go get it!

Signed books left in my wake:
Anderson’s Bookshop, Naperville, IL: 123 West Jefferson Avenue



  1. Haha, love the hat ^^
    My shiny copy of Scorch arrived today! :D Happy b-day to it!
    Oh, and I’ve the same Poe shirt like the one you’re wearing in the sandwich picture!
    I love following your trip posts and seeing what you were up to :)

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