Slapdash Road Trip Book Tour, Day 5: Chicago, IL –> Omaha, NE

Yesterday was launch day for Scorch! In stark contrast to Croak‘s, I did not set out with a cavalcade of my friends, barging into every bookstore in sight and ending with pizza and bowling. This time, I drove through Iowa. Alllll of Iowa.

But first, a detour–to Rockland, north of Chicago, to meet up with a couple of fans. I was worried about possibly missing them–it’s tricky to get all the timing just right when everything’s done on the fly and there’s always the need to keep moving, moving, moving–but sure enough, there they were, bright eyed and bushy tailed and eager to get the new book. We all agreed that next year, I should hire someone to wear a big Grim Reaper costume and follow me around, which is a visual I very much enjoy.

From there, it was on to Iowa, but only after much flatness from our old pal Western Illinois (and much, much enjoyment from the 70mph speed limit). I pulled over to take this photo because the clouds were doing this cool starburst-y effect, but then a very large truck honked at me and it was scary and we quickly got back on the road.

Seconds later: scurrying.

And if you’re wondering exactly how many wind turbines Iowa has, the answer is: all of them. Sooooo many wind turbines, as if they’d just crash landed onto our planet from Windlandia and were marching forth to enslave us all.

And I for one welcome our new three-armed overlords.

We stopped in a few more bookstores, but really, this day was all about the driving. I don’t even have many more pictures, because they all look like this:

Corn: The Musical!

Signed books left in my wake at:
Barnes and Noble, Rockford, Illinois: Cherryvale Mall, 7200 Harrison Avenue
Barnes and Noble, Davenport, Iowa: North Park Mall, 320 W Kimberly Rd
Barnes and Noble, West Des Moines, Iowa: 4550 University Avenue



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