Slapdash Road Trip Book Tour, Day 11: New Orleans, LA –> Birmingham, AL

This day started out with two school visits in New Orleans, at L.W. Higgins High School and Patrick F. Taylor Science and Technology Academy (photos forthcoming). BOTH involved students making some amazing banners to herald my arrival, and BOTH were organized and attended by some really awesome people. Way to represent, New Orleans! Oh, and the giant piles of fried shrimp they gave me weren’t too shabby, either. You can always win my affections with breaded seafood. Always.

From there, we did something I’ve always wanted to do: drive across Lake Pontchartrain. For you see, Lake Pontchartrain is a really big lake. (Wait, wait–I’m being informed by Wikipedia that it is in fact a brackish estuary. But for our purposes: really big lake.) And there is a really big 24-mile (!) bridge that stretches right over the middle of it. And so when you drive on said bridge, there is nothing around you but scads and scads of water for as far as the eye can see. And it is FREAKY. Though on the plus side, it becomes a lot harder to get lost.

Maybe if I hang a right…
Oh wait no WATERY GRAVE.

Then we drove clear through Mississippi. (No offense intended, Mississippi–you seemed nice, but the way our route worked out, we just didn’t have any stops there. But your restrooms were clean, and you had ample…s’s and i’s.) Next stop, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where I signed some books, met up with a fan, and was instructed by my good friend and Tuscaloosa native to eat a massive rack of ribs at Dreamland Bar-B-Que. This delectable treat was followed by yet another banana pudding that changed my life. These banana puddings, I’m telling you. This tour’s name should be changed to the Slapdash Road Trip Book And Banana Pudding Tour. I’ll have t-shirts made up, it’ll be great.

Signed books left in my wake at:
Barnes and Noble, Tuscaloosa, AL: Midtown Shopping Center, 1800 McFarland Road



  1. That bridge looks terrifying. I have a super fear of bridges, especially over water. I remember driving over the Chesapeake Bay bridge/tunnel a bunch of times while traveling with my parents and having major panic attacks. It’s scary in a tunnel under water and then surfacing to only see water in all directions.

    • I will be at the B&N in Ellicott City in the morning, probably sometime around 10:00am. If Sofia isn’t able to make it then, I’d be happy to sign a book for her and leave it to pick up later…I think you’d just have to call the store and reserve it. Sorry I can’t go later in the day–I have to be in NY by the afternoon so I need to get an early start!

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