Slapdash Road Trip Book Tour, Day 12: Birmingham, AL –> Asheville, NC

On to Atlanta! Or, rather, the outskirts of Atlanta. Those seven-lane highways in the city kind of scared us, so we headed to the Mall of Georgia to meet up with a fan and sign a fat stack of books. After that, it was on to–wait, was that a goat on a roof?

[Photo not available, because I suck.]

Yes, it was a goat on a roof. In Northern Georgia, there is a place called Goats on the Roof. It appears to be a country store with all sorts of knickknacks–which I love enough as it is–but then they went and threw a whole bunch of GOATS up on the ROOF. They even have little drawbridges to walk across!

And here is the lesson for us all, kids: DO NOT PASS BY GOATS ON THE ROOF. I did. And I shouldn’t have. Travel is all about stopping to embrace the weirdness you encounter along the way, to see places you might never return to. But since I was worried about not getting to my next destination in time, I sped right on by with nothing more than a “Was that a goat on a…oh good, the hallucinations have set in.”

Lesson learned. At least we had enough time to start driving the Blue Ridge Parkway, one of America’s most scenic drives. There were mountains. There were valleys. There were many leaves changing color in a variety of patterns and loveliness. Here are some pictures of the pretty:

This last one is Looking Glass Rock, a big lumpy rock in the middle of the mountains. I do not know if there are goats on top of it.

Signed books left in my wake at:
Barnes and Noble, Atlanta/Buford: Mall of Georgia



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