Slapdash Road Trip Book Tour, Day 13: Asheville, NC –> Baltimore, MD

That’s a long way, right there. I didn’t originally plan on covering so much ground in one day, but then I realized that attempting to drive through Washington, DC and on to Baltimore during rush hour might be only slightly less fun than sticking needles in my eye. So after stopping in Roanoke for a school visit for an after-school program, I made the decision: Baltimore ahoy.

Since there was so much driving, there weren’t many photos. We did start out fresh and ambitious, deciding to tackle the Blue Ridge Parkway once again. “We’ll drive it all the way up to Roanoke!” we cried, frolicking and throwing flowers into the air.

Cut to an hour later: we’ve only gone 30 miles, and Roanoke is still over 200 miles away. “Back to the highway!” we cried, tossing the flowers out the window.

The Blue Ridge Parkway, what we saw of it, was still beautiful, though. Especially in the morning, when the sun glinted off the something or other. Here’s a lovely view of more mountains:

And a lovely tunnel:

And here’s one that looks as though I took it as I was falling out of a moving car.

“I regret nothing!”

Jefferson Middle School in Roanoke was a delight (as all of my school visits has been), and then it was on to more driving, the last hour of which involved a really loud sing-a-long to keep us both awake. Thanks, Lady Gaga. You’re a national hero.

Signed books left in my wake at: 
Barnes and Noble, Asheville, NC: Asheville Mall



  1. Hi Gina, I’ll be at Barnes and Noble around 10:30 to get Sofia’s book signed and to take a picture of you for her! Thank you

  2. You were so close to my own awesome sister! She lives just outside Asheville, in a little house with a wood stove and no internet!

    According to GoodReads I am 89% done with Scorch, and very sad I have to stop reading a go to bed. So exciting!!!!! The third will be out in, like, December, right?

    • Ooh, I am jealous of your sister (except maybe the internet thing). Asheville was so cute!

      And I’m glad you’re liking Scorch! But the third one won’t be until next year…sorry…

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