Slapdash Road Trip Book Tour, Day 14: Baltimore, MD –> Syracuse, NY

Okay, I’ll admit it: we got a little loopy. On the last day Lisa and I would be together in the car, things just devolved and devolved until we had to fix the problem with a run-through sing-a-long of the Broadway soundtrack of The Wedding Singer. (It’s awesome! Give it a listen!)

Also, Lisa happens to have an obsession with fall foliage, and so there were also many joyful yet weird noises coming out of her while we drove past the colorful trees of the Pennsylvania/upstate New York region.

“That one is yellow! THAT ONE IS ORANGE! EEEKUOPUGOF!”

Other than tree squealing, it was a low key day, so instead of recapping, I will register a complaint. I haven’t mentioned this before, because it’s mostly been a matter of personal rage, but I cannot tell you the number of times we’ve gotten stuck driving behind an oversized load on this trip. Farming equipment, houses, arms of a wind turbine (not even making that up–those things as big as airplanes!). And without fail, they’ve been infuriating. Especially, as in the case of yesterday, they were on a one-lane road, backing up traffic, and us powerless to do anything but curse and moan and GAH HULK SMASH.

You can be assured that there was much cackling when we finally passed it. A really good cackling, the kind laced with a heaping dose of insanity.

And so Lisa and I had a good hug and congratulated ourselves that we had managed to go two whole weeks without killing each other. Today, I’m driving back to Boston by myself, and tomorrow I will go to sleep and not wake back up until 2013.

Signed books left in my wake at:
Barnes and Noble, Ellicott City, MD: Long Gate Shopping Center
Barnes and Noble, Lancaster, PA: Red Rose Commons


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