Slapdash Road Trip Book Tour, Day 15: Syracuse, NY –> Boston, MA


Here’s what you need to know about this, the last day of my trip:

-The car felt really empty without my sister along with me. There was no one to listen to my crap or get the EZ-Pass out of the glove box or yell at other stupid drivers with me. I missed her.

-Traffic around Boston? Was TERRIBLE. I think it may actually still be there, or maybe the skeletons of the drivers who were unfortunate enough to get caught up in it. Lucky for me, I got off at Springfield to sign some books and ended up taking the back roads home, which were free and clear. Victory was mine.

-Before the victory, though, I was already starting to get pissed about the traffic thing, and so I was in a less-than-chipper mood when I stopped for a signing in Hadley, MA. But again, lucky for me, the fan who met me there was not only awesome, but had her awesome little daughter along with her, and they both cheered me right back up again with all their awesomeness.

-But really, here’s all you need to know about this day: before I got on the road, I stopped in to say hello to my grandparents, and my grandma gave me a dog sweater that she had crocheted years before and hadn’t had any dogs to give it to. Since I now have a dog, she gave it to me. Sadly my light-speed-growing puppy is already too big for it, but it fit quite nicely on Lenny. Lenny did not seem to share the same levels of enthusiasm.

“I’m plotting your death as we speak.”

So that’s all, folks! I plan to do a big wrap-up post next week–but until then, just a reminder that if you are in the Boston area this weekend, I’d love to see you at Brookline Booksmith on Sunday at 5pm for the big Scorch launch party. There will be cupcakes. I repeat: there will be CUPCAKES OF THE BANANA VARIETY. And if you don’t come I’ll eat them all myself, and no one wants to see banana oozing out of me in strange places. Or maybe you do, and that’s weird.

Signed books left in my wake at:
Barnes and Noble, Albany, NY: Colonie Center
Barnes and Noble, Hadley, MA: 335 Russell Street



  1. It was so great to meet you. I am glad that me and my daughter were able to cheer you back up. I’m sure that was mostly my daughter. ;) I’m sure you are glad to be home. (And your puppy is probably very happy too.)

  2. Glad the tour went so well. I was at a musical Sunday night and couldn’t make the last stop at Brookline Booksmith (love that place!) but I was sending good thoughts!

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