Bits and Pieces

It seems my blog has taken a much-needed nap after the insanity of the Slapdash Road Trip Book Tour. And me? I’ve been puttering around a lot and spending way too much money at various craft stores. Sometimes these things happen. But there are other things happening too, such as:

Thing one: Mark your calendars – the newest installment of the YAmazing Race starts this coming Monday, October 22 and runs for a whole honkin’ week. For those who have not experienced such unbridled awesomeness before, it’s a giant, fun blog hop featuring over 50 debut authors, with chances to win SO MANY PRIZES. Plus, I will be running my own personal giveaway in conjunction with the race, and trust me – in addition to a signed copy of Scorch, you’re going to want to check out the swag I’m hawking. (Hint: it involves death. Surprise, surprise.) Check out the whole shebang, starting Monday at noon, at the Apocalypsies website.


Thing two: Of course, if you want some guaranteed goodies, there are still some limited edition glow-in-the-dark scythe pendants up for grabs, as a reward for donating to the Step Out: Walk To Stop Diabetes that I’m doing tomorrow. Click here to make a donation – any amount is appreciated!

Thing three: As mentioned above, I am a bit of a craftnerd. I will cut and glue things. I will draw and paint things. You got a ball of yarn? I will snatch it out of your hands and crochet a cockeyed bird before you even realize what’s happening. In fact, I used to work at a little place called the Lion Brand Yarn Studio, where I could do that very thing all the live long day (crochet cockeyed birds). So, back when Croak was first released, I wrote a pattern for my beloved Lion Brand — and they’ve just rereleased it in their monthly newsletter in honor of Scorch‘s release, therefore I will do the same. So for all you knitters out there, here’s how to make your very own Croak skull illusion scarf!


The skull symbolizes yarn.

That’s all for now. Check back on Monday for the start of the YAmazing Race!



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