The Title of Book Three is…

Back in May I announced that the third and final book in the Croak trilogy had been given the go-ahead (coming Fall 2013!), but at that time a few titles were still being bandied about. Well, now the bandying is complete, the floor is littered with the bloody carnage of slain titles, and one has emerged victorious. Book Three–the one where it all comes together, Grims are locked in a fight to the death and no one is safe, then Luke finds out who is father is and everyone realizes it was earth all along–book three will be called…

As in, Team Lex is going rogue. Starting up a war. Kicking ass and not even bothering to take names. DEAL WITH IT, GRIMSPHERE.



  1. Sounds exciting! But … FALL 2013?!?! That’s, like, a year from now! And the world might end before then!

    Haha, for real, I can’t wait to get it!

  2. oh man, guess i should wait until Rogue, then buy the inevitable boxed set! (been reading the series at the library, halfway through Scorch, LOVING IT)

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