KidLit Cares Auction

I lost a tree in Hurricane Sandy…

And gained a giant hole in the ground.

…but some people lost a lot more than that, and are still reeling weeks later. Thankfully, the fabulous authors Kate Messner and Joanne Levy have brought together dozens of people from the KidLit community and organized a truly astounding auction, with all proceeds going to the Red Cross relief efforts for victims of the hurricane. And the stuff that people are donating are amazing. There are manuscript critiques, author Skype visits, writing workshops and consultations, signed books, and a LIVE PANDA.

I’m being told there is no live panda up for auction. The other stuff is real, though, and I’m jumping into the fray as well. From today until November 23, I’m offering signed copies of Croak and Scorch, as well as a handcrafted (by me) coffin box, AND get this: there is a scene in Rogue (the upcoming third book in the Croak series), that takes place in a graveyard, and the winner of this auction will get their name on a tombstone IN THE BOOK! You’ll be dead! It’ll be great!

To bid on this package, click here. And please please be sure to check out all of the other wonderful stuff up for grabs, from now until November 26. Thanks and happy bidding!



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