Oh hey, new year. ‘Sup.

You may have noticed (or not noticed, because maybe you, like me, have been busy building a Puzz3D of Notre Dame)

IMG_0062Puzz3Ds are really only for the coolest of people.

…You may have noticed that I haven’t written any new posts since Christmas. This was intentional, as I wanted to take a little time off to think about what sort of things I want do with this blog going forward.

And I’ve decided. I’m gonna do ALL OF THE THINGS.

(Starting with: getting rid of the phrase “all of the things”. I think it’s done.)

I’ll be honest: when I started this blog, back when I first found out Croak would be published, I did it because That Is What You Do. It’s a great Marketing Tool, and you can use it to have Giveaways and Contests, thereby gaining More and More and More FOLLOWERS SWEET FOLLOWERS MY PRECIOUSSSS.

And those things are all well and good, and I’ve enjoyed taking part in them and meeting new internet friends, but what I really like is the random crap and debris from my life that ends up getting swept up here like so many driftwood doors from the Titanic, and the fact that people somehow find them entertaining. I know they’re not deep or profound or necessary in any way, but they are fun for me to write. Plus, I have found that blogging–while sometimes a time suck–is an excellent way to keep my creative juices flowing, juices that then overflow into my book writing, and before you know it my desk is just sopping wet with all of my fragrant, whimsical juices.


[CHANGE OF TOPIC CARD HASTILY PLAYED] I was discussing blogging with a writer friend the other day and I lamented the fact that I hardly ever talk about the actual craft of writing on my blog, as so many other YA authors do. “Yeah, but there’s enough of that out there already,” she said. “More demented greeting cards, please.” So that’s what you’re going to get–and more of it, hopefully. Other improvements optimistically include:

  • Streamlining: goodbye Pinterest and Google+, hello more Tumblr. I’m going to try to post at least one goofy thing on Tumblr every day–little things that I don’t want to muck up the blog with–so follow there if you need more goofiness in your life.
  • Photos: I got a totally bitchin’ camera from Will for Christmas, and sakes alive, I’m going to use it. Starting with this photo of my dog that I took using the Portrait setting, which makes him look like George Washington:
IMG_0012My God, the nobility.

And this tape measure masterpiece:

IMG_0012They’ll all be this exciting!
  • Makey stuff: As noted elsewhere, I make a lot of stuff. Not just poorly glued Christmas cards, but also bacon trees and bookskulls and even legitimately nice knitted garments and crocheted monsters. I have a feeling this stuff might soon spill over into a second blog, but since people seem to enjoy reading about them, I’ll occasionally post some highlights. 6t5555555555555go (<—cat says hi).
  • Interviews, maybe? Normally I’d leave this to the bloggers who do it best, but I have a fun idea for specific kind of author interview that I might want to try. We’ll see.

And of course, more of what I’ve always done: random driftwood thoughts, some contests/giveaways, the inexplicably-popular Sharky Awards, updates on my books, plus a sprinkling of musings on writing as well, just so that I don’t lose my Author License. (It’s laminated!) Oh, and if you fine folks have any suggestions for what you’d like to see more of, or for something new, feel free to pelt them at me in the comments.

Lastly, a HUGE thank you to all those who read this blog, both lurkers and commenters alike–you guys are delightful, and I hope to reciprocate all of that delight in the year to come.

With cartoons.

Sketch 2013-01-04 00_20_14



  1. I’m so happy you’re back!

    What kind of camera did you get? I love the pic of Fezzik! A portrait-like picture of Reggie taken on my SLR spurred the nickname Prime Minister from then on because he just looked so regal. Good cameras will do that!

    I love all of your new blog ideas. Plus I think it’s super important to write about things you love that interest you. Like, a writer is just one thing you love that makes you you. I can’t wait for more blogs that encompass so much more of who you are! (if that makes sense, I hope it does!)

  2. I find you so fin-lippen hilarious its not even funny….well actually it is……cuz as I said before…you are hilarious. Thats all I have to say…… One other thing, because I love bothering authors with stupid questions that have no impact on either of our lives (ie. What color is your toothbrush? and whether or not you find fuzzy socks enjoyable) I think it would be cool if you had an “ask gina” box, where we could submit stupid (or possibly not stupid) questions. Which you would then answer. Just cuz.

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