ROGUE release date

Take note, kids: on September 10, 2013, the fates of Lex and Driggs and Uncle Mort and the whole gang will at last be revealed! It is not yet available for preorder, and the cover won’t be set for a little while longer, but hey, there’s a date you can throw up on the calendar or shout into the void, if that’s how you remember important dates. And since I have no additional information at this juncture, I will divulge one little nugget about the story: there is a severed finger involved.

September 10th is also, according to this website, Sewing Machine Day. Suggestions for how to combine the two include:

  • making a Rogue pillow,
  • sewing the pages of Rogue together into a gigantic, ineffective afghan
  • mentally inserting a talking sewing machine into the story of Rogue, because somehow I did not think to do this in the actual manuscript
char_39419 (1)If you know what movie this is from, I like you very much.


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