It’s picture day.

What follows are a series of photos that I have been promising people for MONTHS that I would put up on my blog, and have just now gotten around to it because I am a failure of a human being. Especially since these were all wonderful, very nice people who invited me into their schools to talk about my book, and they deserve some kudos, for Pete’s sake.

The first few were taken waaaay back when I embarked upon my Slapdash Road Trip Book Tour. Here are Bonnie Cambre and the lovely folks at L.W. Higgins High School in Marrero, Louisiana:

who also made me this awesome poster:

After that, I visited Patrick F. Taylor Science and Technology Academy in New Orleans, and here I am with their wonderful book club–who, in addition to being smart and well-read and overall very enthusiastic about books, greeted me with a pile of fried shrimp, which is pretty much how I always prefer to be greeted.

And then we posed badass-ly:

And their fabulous librarian, Elizabeth Kahn:

They also made an amazing sign. (Kids these days=exceptional poster-makers. Who knew?)

And then we have me, Cindy Gray, and Donna Rosenblum at Floral Park Memorial High School in Queens, NY.



And finally, here is a photo of Scorch in the wild from June G., whose cat Kiki looks so much like mine I think they might have been separated at birth:

IMG_20121029_034608Don’t forget: you too can take a photo of Croak or Scorch out in the wild (with pets, on a mountain, in space), and if you send it to me, I’ll put it on my blog and send you a free signed bookplate!

Thanks once again to everyone in the above photos, and to all of the schools and librarians I’ve visited in the past year. You have made my debut year rock, and I will never forget your support and enthusiasm. And mad sign-making skills.


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