Steampunk Owl

I promised more craftiness* in the new year, and here it is, in owl form. A couple of months ago I was drifting aimlessly through the aisles of Michael’s, as I so very often do, and I happened upon a downright ridiculously ridiculous rubber stamp of a steampunk owl, complete with bowtie, top hat, and pocketwatch. At first, I scoffed at the fact that anyone would pay actual American dollars for this thing; then, upon noticing that it was on sale, happily paid actual American dollars for the thing.

Will likes owls, so the next time we both happened to be at Michael’s at the same time (roughly a day later) I got him to pick out a paper pattern that he liked, which I then made into a frame, and voilá. Fancy owl gentlemen Christmas present.

_MG_0236*There’s something I don’t like about the word “crafting” (though I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is). Any suggestions for a better term for “the act of making something with one’s own hands”? Made-up words encouraged.



  1. Here are a few suggestions I came up with:
    Wontoning! (Wontons are delicious. Enough said.)
    Creative flowy magic power

    I’ll get back to you if I come up with something better… :)

    • Actually…I think rather I’d call myself a creative and say I make stuff. I’m sure those titles will change next year.

  2. What a fun post! I’m sitting here giggling as substitutes for *crafting* flit through my mind:
    1. Manual Self-Expression (*ummm* better not go with this one)
    2. Creative Self-Expression (nada. See #1)
    3. I.M.S. for I Make Stuff (on the plus side, no one will have the slightest idea what you’re talking about. On the down side, no one will have the slightest idea what you’re talking about)
    4. Artisan – Sounds trendy and Greenwhich Village-ish, but could also be confused with fancy bread and/or artesian wells.
    5. Crafter. While this certainly hits the (painted and hot-glued) nail on the head, it also brings nightmarish visions of macaroni & string art to mind, and may lead to a mysterious absence of friends and loved ones around the holidays and assorted birthdays. Use with caution. ;D

    ps. That owl rocks! I would’ve exchanged my hard earned American dollars for it, too lol

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