Douchenozzles Welcome

It’s style sheet time! I did this when I was working on copyedits for Scorch, so I may as well do it again with Rogue, because it’s important to every so often take an inventory of exactly how many brain cells I’ve lost over the past year.

Here’s how it works: my lovely copyeditor compiles a list of the crackpot made-up words that I’ve sprinkled throughout the manuscript, a list that effectively serves as concrete evidence of my clinical immaturity. I then share some of the highlights with you, in the hopes of a) expanding your vocabulary, b) giving you a sneak peek at the book, and c) praying that one of you out there is a dictionary editor and might consider adding these in:

  • carnagepalooza
  • nonword
  • cracktastic
  • The Wink Of Trust
  • crapspackle
  • douchenozzle
  • everdeathing
  • nutzoid
  • coolsies
  • shititude
  • spiderwebby
  • titgoblins

Have a cracktastic day.



  1. I liked it, I’m not a dictionary editor though, sorry, but I liked it, gonna use some of these I’m sure. I hope you also have a cracktastic day :)

  2. Wow. You must really hate spell check. Or maybe spell check really hates you. It could quite possibly be both. Either way, awesome words. Definatly putting these in my next english essay. My English teacher sends you her appreciation, and quite possibly a detention slip.

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