ROGUE cover reveal and giveaway

Here it is! I friggin’ love it, and hope you do too:


And here’s the synopsis (SPOILERS AHEAD if you haven’t read the first two books in the series):

Lex is a teenage Grim Reaper with the power to Damn souls, and it’s getting out of control. She’s a fugitive, on the run from the maniacal new mayor of Croak and the townspeople who want to see her pay the price for her misdeeds. Uncle Mort rounds up the Junior Grims to flee Croak once again, but this time they’re joined by Grotton, the most powerful Grim of all time. Their new mission is clear: Fix his mistakes, or the Afterlife will cease to exist, along with all the souls in it. 

The gang heads for Necropolis, the labyrinth-like capital city of the Grimsphere. There, they discover that the Grimsphere needs a reboot. To do that, the portals to the Afterlife must be destroyed…but even that may not be enough to fix the damage. Things go from bad to worse, and when at last the fate of the Afterlife and all the souls of the Damned hang in the balance, it falls to Lex and her friends to make one final, impossible choice. 


In celebration, let’s have a giveaway, shall we? Up for grabs: a signed copy of Scorch with five exclusive (and exquisitely handwritten) fun facts sprinkled throughout! It’ll be like Pop-Up Video, but with a…book. Also, five runners-up will receive a signed bookplate!

There are a bunch of ways to enter: follow on Twitter, like on Facebook, follow this blog, follow on Tumblr, sign up for my newsletter, or leave a comment below telling me your favorite movie of 2012 (since it’s Oscar season and all). When you’re all done clicking and liking and following, just fill out this little form, and you’ll be entered! (Open to US/Canada addresses only, please.) You MUST fill out the form to be entered, otherwise I won’t know what to give you credit for:

Form closed.

Giveaway ends at midnight EST next Monday, February 4th – good luck! Oh, and if you happen to be in the outer Boston area tomorrow night, January 30th, I will be doing a talk/signing with A.C. Gaughen, Diana Renn, and Hilary Weisman Graham at the Westborough Library at 6:30pm. Come on down!


  1. I can never choose one but my top 3 were Resident Evil: Retribution, American Reunion, and The Hobbit ooo and The Dark Knight Rises

  2. My favorite movie of 2012 that I watched would be MIB3 I really liked it and other than cartoons it is about the only thing I watched lol. I love the new cover.

  3. Well, I think I’ll have to go with Django Unchained. It’s the last one I saw and I loved it. Not my favorite Tarantino but it made me laugh :)

  4. Top movie… I have to pick just one…there were so many good ones, but I’m going with Pitch Perfect. It’s not winning any awards, but dang, it was a fun one to watch!

  5. I only saw four movies and they were all good, none of them Oscar contenders that I know of, but my absolute favorite was The Hobbit, the whole family loved that one! American Reunion runs a close second because it was hysterical and the underlying story underneath the humor was so true. What can I say my husband and I have potty humor, LOL.

  6. There are so many 2012 movies I still haven’t seen, but of the ones I have, I think The Avengers is my fave…LOVE Joss Whedon:)

  7. Ooooooh! The book cover is glorious! WHEN DOES IT COME OUT AGAIN? *clears throat* so favorite movie of 2012, hmmm… I think the winner goes to… *drumroll* Rise of the Guardians! That was hard, it was either that or The Hunger Games. I know that RotG is a cartoon, but cartoons can be awesome. RotG will certainly be one of my favorites for a long time. I am glad you didn’t ask us for our favorite book of 2012, I’d start flailing around, my mind overloading with all of those choices! Anyway, DO YOU HAVE MAGICAL POWERS TO MAKE IT SEPTEMBER YET?!

  8. Ok since I have little kids, I only saw one grown up movie last year and it was the Avengers, at least it was awesome!

  9. I am so terrible at picking favorite anythings. I did really enjoy The Amazing Spiderman, V for Vendetta (didn’t come out in 2012 but I watched it then), and Pitch Perfect.

  10. I super enjoyed Rise of the Guardians. And it’s easier to remember because it was at the end of the year. I can hardly remember back to the beginning of 2012!

  11. I don’t have a chance to watch a lot of movies but The Hunger Games I did watch and enjoy. The author is incredible, especially since I knew about her earliest series The Underland Chronicles and was a follower before The Hunger Games received recognition. :)

  12. My favorite movie of 2012 was Pitch Perfect. The humor was perfect–it matched mine so well–the love interest between the two groups that supposedly despise each other. It had me laughing and rolling!! I freakin’ LOVE Fat Amy!!!!

  13. Well…. how about….. *deep in thought* The Hunger Games…. (i think this is a very legitimate answer (?)) Sure, lets go with that one!
    The hobbit, and mabye some cartoons or something…. ?

  14. Fav. movie of 2012? Hmm… I’m going to have to say Rise of The Guardians (because I’m a total spaz and love children’s movies)

  15. Either the Hunger Games (which I’m tentative about since it was not as completely awesome as the book) or Tangled (because it’s adorable).

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