NYC Teen Author Festival

Hey NYC folk, or anyone who happens to be in the vicinity of NYC come March: you should come to the NYC Teen Author Festival. I will be there, which is a plus, but a whole mess of other fine YA authors will too, which is a double plus. Or a triple plus. I’m not sure. I’ll call my mathematician and get back to you.

Anyway, I’ll be on the Born This Way panel (moderated by Lady Gaga, I hope) from 3:40-4:20 on Saturday, March 23rd, and then at the No Foolin’ Mega Signing from 1:00-1:45 at Books of Wonder on Sunday, March 24th. For a full schedule of the festival (there are events going on that whole week), check out the Facebook page.

And now, since there’s some sort of snowpocalypse heading straight for us in Boston, I must go draw up some plans for the weekend, as I will be trapped inside for most of it. So far I’ve got: clean my office, knit a pillow, clean out the freezer, discover new and interesting foods that have been in the freezer since we moved in, eat new and interesting freezer foods, get sick, call for an ambulance, learn with dismay that it is too snowy for the ambulance to come, die.

Happy weekend!

2012-12-06 14.42.43


One comment

  1. Aww I would love to go, sounds like fun! I am in Natick and very much looking forward to getting snowed in but please.. don’t die.. I think Lex and Driggs are too busy to take you to the afterlife!

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