Fan Art!

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that of all the nifty things that people send me, fan art is one of the truly niftiest. How awesome is this stuff?!

Lex, by Rachel O.

Lex Pic by Rachel

Driggs and Uncle Mort, by Sofia P.


Lex and Driggs, by Zil S.

19886_468819603163999_1984176772_n 484770_469620156417277_237401878_n

I LOVE THIS STUFF. Not only am I still really tickled by the idea of people thinking about what my characters look like, but for them to actually take time out of their lives to draw them, and in such amazing detail…I am floored. Really. Me=on the floor.

Sketch 2013-02-13 15_04_05

Thank you so much to Rachel, Sofia, and Zil – and if any of you out there are as talented as these fine folks and have some Croak/Scorch fan art of your own, please email it to me! I will send you a signed bookplate in return, and gladly feature your art here on the ole blog. (Unless it’s porny, which…ew. Please don’t.)



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