Rogue tidbit – in mosaic form

Like the sprinkles of so many make-your-own-ice-cream-sundae bars, tidbits and morsels of Rogue are not content to sit in a dirty plastic tray, ignored and forgotten. Why not scatter them atop the triple chocolate cake batter twist of my faithful readers, so that they may be enjoyed by all? (Can you tell what I did over the weekend?) Nothing that gives the story away, of course–that would be like putting pepperoni on ice cream (which would be INSANE but also maybe delicious)–but little things here and there to get you guys all jazzed up for it.

Anyway, this post is not about ice cream, despite all evidence to the contrary. It’s about shards of glass. See, I took a mosaic class a few weeks ago, and it turns out that: broken glass + rocks + jigsaw puzzles + art = cool-ass mosaic. (Also: rocks + hammer = stress relief + blood.) Everyone else in the class was making cute little pictures of seashells and fish and flowers, but ahhhviously it’s nigh impossible for me to make things that are pretty and nice and would nicely decorate the restroom of a country club. Ahhhviously, I made scythes. Specifically, scythes arranged in a design that will play a very important role in Rogue.

scythe mosaicThe green symbolizes greenness.

And as always, it was difficult to explain to the teacher and students what in the hell I was making. “Well, they’re scythes. Um, weapons. Kinda. From the books I write. Yeah, I guess they could be used for farming? But really they’re more for death. Uh…here’s a bookmark.” *throws a fistful of bookmarks into the air and flees the scene*



  1. It’s okay Gina, I would never question your scythes mosaic. I wouldn’t question your sanity either because it’s hard enough to question my own. I like your mosaic by the way. So wait. We don’t get free ice cream?

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