This week’s festivities

I am emerging from my winter hibernation to rub elbows with fellow humans again, and those humans could be you! (I’d wear a hazmat suit, though, just to be safe.)

For any Boston folk who haven’t been kidnapped by leprechauns/trampled beneath a swarm of drunken college kids wearing shamrock-on-springs headbands/obligatory St. Patrick’s Day reference, I will be appearing with Diana Renn and A.C. Gaughen this Thursday, the 21st, at the Brookline Public Library as part of their New Voices panel. It’s at 6:45pm, and I’m told by a reliable source (their Facebook page) that there will be coffee and cookies. Because caffeine- and sugar-fueled book discussion is the best kind of book discussion.

And this weekend, I’ll be moseying on down to New York City to take part in the NYC Teen Author Festival! Which is pretty much what it sounds like–a whole mess of authors all descending upon the city to shout words at you, shout words at one another in panel discussions, and shout at everyone during one big-ass book signing. I will be appearing at two events:

Born This Way: Nature, Nurture, and Paranormalcy
Panel discussion with: Jessica Brody, Maya Gold, Alexandra Monir, Lindsay Ribar, Jeri Smith-Ready, Jessica Spotswood, moderated by Adrienne Maria Vrettos
Saturday, March 23rd
42nd Street New York Public Library

The No-Foolin’ Mega-signing
Sunday, March 24th
Books of Wonder

I urge you to check out the Festival’s full schedule on its Facebook page, because there are so many other great authors and panels in the mix. And for more info and a little bit about the history of the Festival, here’s an article about it in Publishers Weekly.

Hope to see you somewhere!


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