New Website and ROGUE ARC Giveaway

My website has been feeling a little hairy and unloved these days, so I decided to take it down to the website grooming salon to get its claws clipped and its fur shampooed. In addition to that new website smell, it came back with a bunch of new features, including:

  • official pages for each book in the Croak trilogy, featuring sample chapters, trailers, and other fun extras
  • an updated, extended FAQATLWA section
  • a fan art gallery
  • a choose your own adventure game (NOT EVEN KIDDING)
  • a picture of cheeseballs

And to celebrate the relaunch, I’m…I’m…should I? Should I do it? Okay.

I’m giving away an advanced copy of Rogue. It’s the only one I have. And it could be yours.

But you’ll have to work for it. Hidden somewhere within my website is a link–could be a word, could be a photo, could be anything on any page–that will take you to a contest form. Fill out the form, and you’ll be entered into the random drawing. Contest will end next Tuesday at noon EST, and only one entry per person, please.

So get thee to and start clicking! Good luck!

***Contest is closed – thanks to all who entered!***

(Oh, and there are sure to be a few kinks on the new site, so if you spot any problems or have any suggestions, feel free to shoot me an email!)



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